Many visitors to Google Images downloaded the images they were looking for without browsing the website concerned, this “visit” was still counted on Google Analytics. As a result, audience analysis was “polluted” by “low quality” sessions from Google Images. Updating Google Images has no impact on SEO and the positioning of a page Christmas Island Email List in Google Search results.  To access Google Images, the queries most often typed by Internet users are in descending order: google images 1,220,000 searches per month on this expression. google image 1,000,000 images 673,000 image 450,000 This data is taken from Yooda INSIGHT , the largest Search Marketing FR database.

In short, After the generalization of responsive, the Panda and Penguin filters , the SSL certificate , the update of Google Images reminds us that it is Google which leads the game. It is essential to follow the precise evolution of the traffic of its website and stay on standby. To carry out this watch, you can use Google Analytics and Google Search Console to follow the evolution of traffic by filtering the results by type of search. And don’t forget to follow the SEO trends for 2017 . Want to know more about the images? SEO: How to optimize image referencing? Where can I find royalty-free and free images on the Internet? What image format and what resolution for web and print? How do I find free and royalty-free images on Google Image?

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Machine Learning is one of the components of Google’s algorithm,

like the Panda and Penguin filters or even RankBrain . While machine learning grows in importance, it won’t replace the core of Google’s algorithm. To justify Machine Learning and satisfy ever more demanding Internet users, Peter Norvig, Google’s director of research said in an interview: Google needs to be “smart” in the sense that it has to understand the needs of the user, in order to help them build their knowledge of the world. The rise of Machine Learning in Google’s algorithm will have the following effects: An increase in the importance given to the quality of the content, The promotion of sites that offer a good user experience. For commercial purposes, machine learning allows predictive analysis, analytical models allow “to produce reliable decisions and results”.

The most typed expressions to access Google Image

The Google AMP format for mobiles The Google AMP format allows you to create lightweight web pages with optimal loading time. There are three distinct parts to the GPA: HTML AMP with restrictions for reliable performance and extensions for building rich content. AMP JS is the library providing fast rendering of AMP HTML pages. The Google AMP cache , which can be used to serve cached AMP HTML pages. The presence of web pages in AMP format is an SEO optimization factor for 2017. Structured data The structured data is information framed by specific tags in the source code of web pages.

They allow search engines, and Google in particular, to interpret this data in a certain way. This data is then displayed in the search results in order to enrich them. The presence of structured data in your web pages is today essential for the referencing of your website. The structured data present in your web pages enables Google to display additional information in its search results. For example, your address and phone number may be displayed in Google search results. SEO for 2017 To conclude, To improve your SEO and increase your visibility, it is important to adopt a good SEO strategy for 2017. Do not hesitate to follow the trends of the year and think about satisfying Google! And don’t forget to take an interest in SXO .

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