To carry out your research on the Internet, you type or dictate key words most often on Google. Google’s retrospective on the search trends for 2017 is therefore a reflection of our areas of interest, our questions, current events and the Taiwan Email List strong and significant moments of the year. That’s it, Google France has published its retrospective of the most typed keywords for the year 2017. They are listed in different categories and in ascending order of searches.

Below are some of the TOP 10 rankings made by Google: The news Johnny Hallyday Maëlys Presidential election poll Primary left Hurricane Irma Legislative election Catalonia Gregory case Barcelona attack North Korea Movie releases on the big screen 50 Shades of Gray Fast And Furious 8 50 Shades Darker Wonder woman Valerian La La Land Get out Blade runner Justice league Logan Political figures Emmanuel Macron Francois Fillon Jean-Luc Mélenchon Marine Le Pen Benoît Hamon Manuel Valls Nicolas Dupont-Aignan Edward Philippe Francois Bayrou Alain Juppe  How to make slime How to vote blank How to make a power of attorney.

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What were the most frequently used keywords by Internet users in 2017?

How to vote How to draw How to lose weight How to calculate a percentage How to make a hand spinner How to make butter How to delete a Facebook account To find out the rest of the ranking, we invite you to go to Learn more about the role of keywords We offer a little reminder below on the value of using keywords in web content. The key word or key expression can be a word or a group of words linked to a desired search and specified by the Internet user in the search engine and in particular Google. This keyword is typed spontaneously by the Internet user on the Google search engine, depending on what he wants to find.

Hence the importance of choosing the right keywords to promote in the web pages of a website! Indeed, targeting and promoting the right keywords when writing web content is essential, so that the user comes across this content when he enters his request on Google. This allows to obtain a good positioning and in this case to appear ideally on the top of the first page of Google! This is what is more commonly called natural referencing . Because of this, the right keywords to use when writing content for the web should be relevant and potentially typed in by Internet users.

The questions that Internet users ask themselves to achieve something

The objective is to generate qualified traffic on your website. In addition, they should not be too competitive by exploiting the long tail if possible . If you want to remember the most memorable moments of previous years:Our analysis indicates that the mobile and desktop versions of your site are comparable. Source: Google Your website does not respect Google’s recommendations? Contact your web agency .

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