From words to deeds Omnichannel is not just a question of technology or mobile devices, but also a question of people. This is why it is important to ensure on the one hand that the strategy implemented is customer-oriented and on the other hand that your employees develop an attitude aligned with the image of the brand. The standardization of the quality of the experience is strongly conditioned by the behavior of the employees towards the customers . There will be no benefit to the quality of an e-commerce platform or a well-established business strategy if the experience of customers in physical points of sale is not the same. quality.

6. Customer experience When everything is clear on these first 5 points, an omnichannel strategy must set itself the ultimate goal of charting  Portugal WhatsApp Number List  the customer experience . Clearly, knowing how customers react to the various points of contact, what their navigation pattern, interactions and the associated flows are. These aspects must also be constantly evaluated and optimized. A case study: Neiman marcus When we talk about omnichannel marketing, the example of Neiman Marcus is very often a benchmark example. Indeed, this brand has instituted as a priority to offer the customer a uniform, memorable, intuitive and relevant experience spread across all channels.

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The tools and concepts implemented by the company for this were as follows: Personalization: The company had set up an analysis of the search history and behavior of its customers on the web in order to recommend products aligned with their preferences and expectations. Image recognition: Through their tool ” the brand was the first to implement an image recognition technology allowing the customer to seek to be offered purchase offers for a product. simply from a photo of the latter.

Connected mirrors deployed in physical points of sale allowing customers to see themselves in 360 ° when trying on an outfit, then compare several outfits tried on using a video recording principle, even going so far as to be able to test have the clothes tried on take on different colors thanks to the use of augmented reality. What do we mean by that? For example, the company’s salespeople must communicate about the measures, methods and tools implemented to ensure the safety of employees as well as customers.

On the other hand, communications that take into account the news of the crisis and provide support to people affected by the pandemic can also be beneficial. Brands like Burberry and Prada have chosen an approach of transparency by communicating on the impacts of the coronavirus on their activity and by keeping their stakeholders informed of store closings, working hours and measures taken in the face of the epidemic. 2. Engage in social action What can also be part of a good strategy is commitment to social action. As mentioned above, consumers change some of their behaviors during the crisis and pay particular attention to the social engagement of brands.

By committing to this, brands can benefit from a double benefit: strengthening the link with their stakeholders while making a significant contribution to the societal solidarity effort deployed against the epidemic. Certain groups in the luxury sector such as LVMH, Kering and Estée Lauder have thus decided to engage in the battle against COVID-19 alongside governments and health institutions. Transforming their production lines to produce disinfectant, making donations, working with states to help them reduce the scarcity of certain resources …

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