Semrush provides you with a hundred very useful features to improve your natural referencing and to make your site interesting for your targets . On top of that, the tool you have is what works well with your competition. Take the opportunity to collect ideas and position yourself in relation to your competitors. The features of Semrush for businesses and digital marketing professionals are multiple. In the rest of this guide, we will introduce you to the main features of the software while showing you an overview of their benefits.  The competitor research is one of the first features that you can use on SEMrush to implement your SEO strategy. Thanks to it, you can analyze your site or that of your competitors to have an overview on their SE0 strategy .

This gives you the opportunity to be inspired by what works for them in order to better position yourself. All you need to do is provide the domain name of the site to be analyzed. For example, by putting, the first Central African Republic Email List three competitors that stand out are: with a competition level of 11% and 389 common keywords with a competition level of 10% and 326 common keywords with a competition level of 10% and 266 common keywords DETAIL HERE Overview of the domain This option gives you a global view of the performance of your website or that of one of your competitors. It presents the rank of the field studied by a score of authority (authority score) and its referring domains. There you will find key performance indicators (KPIs) against which you can compare the performance of different websites .

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Competitor analysis

THE OVERVIEW OF DOMAINE ANTHEDESIGN.FR This Semrush option shows an estimate of the number of visits received by your website or that of your competitor. You can analyze traffic trends, sources and even make meaningful comparisons between up to 5 competitors. The tool thus provides you with details on: natural traffic and paid traffic direct traffic and traffic from referring sites an estimate of the number of visitors, the duration of the visits and the bounce rate. TRAFFIC ANALYSIS OF OUR SITE However, the quality of the traffic is as important as the number of visits. This is why it is recommended to take into account the cost of traffic indicator . This is an estimate of the monthly organic traffic value of the crawled site.

And to go further in traffic analysis, Semrush offers the possibility of accessing more advanced data such as: the best pages viewed site audience referring sites Organic research With Organic Search , you can find the keywords on which your pages or those of your competitors are positioned. This feature of Semrush shows you the organic search performance of the analyzed website. Experts use it to identify: the SERP features available for the site; the main competing sites for organic search, their main pages and their subdomains; the best keywords to position yourself on.

Traffic Analytics: traffic analysis

semrush seo content keyword serp featureHere is an example of a SERP feature on the SEO content keyword The best performing keywords If the organic search tells you the total number of keywords for the crawled website, it also tells you the top keywords for that site. These are the keywords that bring the site to the first page of Google results. This score is 0 for the easiest and 100 for the most difficult. Its calculation takes into account several parameters: the authority of competing domains, the quality of backlinks and competitor content, etc.) The number of searches per month.

This indicates the approximate number of times this keyword is searched for in search engines per month. The most searched keywords are naturally the most interesting for your site. ONE OF THE KEYWORDS ON WHICH OUR AGENCY IS IN POLE POSITION! Keyword research One of the features of Semrush that you can never do without is the ability to search for keywords. This function is essential to develop an effective SEO strategy and improve the quality of your SEO . Indeed, each web page of your site should target a keyword relevant to your targets. By identifying the keywords used by your prospects to exploit them for the right material, you will succeed in gaining visibility. You will also be able to better position your site in relation to your competitors .

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