Advertising: based on big data and a huge customer base, this platform offers precise targeting to a large audience. Branded account for sharing content and interacting with potential customers. Encourage user-generated content to promote brand awareness, by providing users with the ability to post and share organized posts, photos, videos and links. Compared to other networks like WeChat, Weibo has a significantly lower CPM . For an investment of 1 million RMB / 140,000 USD, brands get 55 million KOL impressions on Weibo, 19 on Xiaohongshu / Little Red Book, 18.4 on Meipai, 8 on Douyin / TikTok and only 1 on WeChat. Additionally, Weibo has a much younger online community than WeChat.

On this platform, luxury brands can therefore easily conduct campaigns adapted to Generation Z and Generation Y who are beginning to Jamaica WhatsApp Number List dominate the Chinese luxury sector. At present, almost all luxury brands already use Weibo for influence and communication campaigns (Gucci, Estée Lauder, Guerlain, etc.). Xiaohongshu / Little Red Book: A Trusted Resource Center for Lifestyle Xiaohongshu , or Little Red Book in English, is a complex application that combines blogging, Instagram, Pinterest and Amazon. A central feature of Xiaohongshu is the “RED store” e-commerce functionality which provides access to a large number of luxury goods duty free, much cheaper than on official websites or in Tmall flagship stores .

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Since its launch in 2013, Xiaohongshu has been targeting modern young women who seek information and referrals on upscale and inevitably luxurious lifestyles in all aspects of existence. His client profile is made up of 88% women and 12% men! With 85 million active users as of June 2019 and a reported value of $ 5 billion, Little Red Book has excellent engagement and conversion rates, making it one of the most popular apps among specialists. of luxury marketing. So far, more than 29,000 brands have joined this network , including big names like Louis Vuitton. The network relies heavily on user-generated content.

Consumers use this app to share their product experience, buying tips and advice, as well as their wishes, reviews and recommendations, good or bad. In this context, Xiaohongshu has become a trusted resource center for all those who want to discover or choose the best beauty products and fashion items. Xiaohongshu, however, had a complicated 2019. The platform was accused of posting fraudulent reviews and unauthorized collection of data , charges that led to its suspension from the Chinese app stores for three months. The company has since fixed the issues and the app has regained its place in the hearts and phones of Chinese consumers.

That Sell Everything From Beauty Products To Jewelry, Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, Furniture, And More.

Little Red Book has now adopted stricter criteria for KOL marketing to ensure the quantity and quality of organic content. Only approved influencers with a certain number of followers can accept sponsored content and for each sponsored post a KOL must post 4 organic. Since then, the Red KOL network has continued to grow, making this platform a hub of high-end brands and leading influencers. While at first a KOL with just 10,000 subscribers only charged $ 150 for a sponsored post, the numbers have now increased tenfold and even more.

Louis Vuitton uses content and influencers to appeal to consumers. To date, the brand has attracted 130,000 followers and received over 64,000 orders on Xiaohongshu. An example of influencer campaigns on Xiaohongshu is a recent live stream by Louis Vuitton. In March 2020, the brand launched its new collection via Xiaohongshu’s live streaming service. She asked fashion blogger Yvonne Ching and famous influencer Zhong Chuxi to feature the articles, offer tips and tricks on how to style the bags, and then direct viewers to LV trade channels.

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