The purpose of analyzing a website is to make negative points visible , preventing it from accessing good positioning in search engine pages, or SERP . This analysis makes it possible to: know the current positioning of the website : on which keywords is the site present? What is his position on each of them? Which pages rank the best? see who North Korea Email List the competitors are positioned on these keywords as well as their key success factors such as their positions and netlinking . discover what are the blocking elements at the technical level of the site : code errors, redirection, page download time, netlinking, mobile optimization, etc. know the quality of the content : text, images, videos, tags.

avoid errors : a summary of the negative points to be improved is obtained, making it possible to correct errors and improve positioning on search engines.  The analysis of a website is the basis of any internet strategy . Thus, it is possible to have a well referenced site having well structured pages with quality content. Many people think that web performance is all about SEO . They forget the fact that its effectiveness can also be impacted by the user experience, for example. The audit of a website is a very important step where the analyst will look at different criteria in order to analyze the state of health of the site, the actions that have been taken so far and their consequences. positive or negative.

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Why is it important to analyze a website?

The site tree The site tree, also called a sitemap or sitemap , is a folder located at the root of the domain. As a rule, it is in the form of a diagram and contains all the links to the pages of the site. anthedesign-sitemap It is important to submit the case to Google through the Google Search Console . We advise you to set up this tool when creating the website. Thus, Google knows the architecture of the site and indexes new pages more quickly. In addition, it allows to have a global view of the site map. Having a better visibility of it allows to have a good organization, to add the new pages in the right categories, and to allow the visitors to navigate in a fluid way on the different pages, thus avoiding them to get lost.

The quality of the content In order to be sure to interest and retain prospects as well as leads, it is essential to create quality content by respecting a few rules: write about their area of ​​expertise. avoid duplication of content so as not to be penalized by Google robots when they analyze the website. update content regularly. It may be interesting to come back to old articles in order to update them by adding figures for example. Google’s robots come back on it and allow them to be better positioned. Internal and external links The quality of the links is essential so that the site is well referenced in the short and long term. It is important to ensure the relevance of links pointing to other sites and the quality of inbound links.

What aspects are taken into account for the analysis of a website?

User experience It is essential to take into account the ergonomics of the site, such as the functionality of the menu and navigation between the different pages. The more pleasant the site is for users to visit, the more it brings traffic and increases its chances of being well-positioned. Loading speed Loading time is a key criterion of performance when crawling the website by Google robots. They have a limited time to visit the pages. In addition, Internet users quickly lose patience. If they can’t quickly find the information they want, they don’t hesitate to leave the site to look elsewhere. gtmetrix – – loading time loading time of the site on gtmetrix The tools to analyze a website Here is a list of essential tools for setting up an internet strategy.

These allow you to focus on the essential elements that Google takes into account when analyzing the website. Google Search Console The best way to understand how Google works when analyzing a website is to ask it.  This tool explains the fundamentals of a Google search. Thus, it is possible to know which keywords Google’s indexing robots examine when they crawl the website. Google Search Console also shows the number of queries and clicks generated by each keyword. If the result is not good, Google offers solutions to optimize performance. Google Analytics is the most used tool for website analysis . It makes it possible to analyze the site’s audience in order to be able to constantly improve and optimize it.

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