Customer journey guerlain Source: Guerlain 3D configurator by Hapticmedia The deployment of 3D product configurators brings many benefits to businesses and customers. For businesses, they offer a better engagement rate Users generally prefer to manipulate elements on websites, which in turn allows brands to better understand what customers are looking for in a product and thus focus on providing the best shopping experience for their customers. customer base. Moreover, the most important aspect of using 3D configurators is that they contribute to sales growth as they intelligently recommend the more expensive choices to users .

Users are likely to voluntarily purchase a certain product from these choices only because it meets their criteria for a given product and without Uganda WhatsApp Number List really thinking about the price. According to Forbes, the company began to use this technology has reached an online conversion rate 40% higher and an average sales increase of 30% after changing their models in 2D with 3D models (Columbus, 2019). In addition, Hapticmedia suggested that brands such as Guerlain doubled their conversion rate by integrating a 3D product configurator into their business .

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Customer side A 3D product configurator offers a more fun and unique way to shop than the traditional way of reading descriptions accompanied by pictures. Plus, as prices adjust as customers customize their products, they instantly get pricing information for the designs and materials they’ve chosen . This therefore allows them to have a better understanding of the pricing principle applied to a particular item. Virtual reality (VR) technology Customer participation has become a key element for brands to make the customer journey as immersive and interesting as possible. Virtual reality is one of the tools that businesses use to interact with their customers.

This technology completely transforms the shopping experience and consequently improves the level of customer satisfaction by providing information in real time. It creates an environment rich in new experiences by replacing concrete reality with a computer simulated reality. A good example of this principle is Pokémon GO , which increases the reality of our immediate environment by adding digital images. 1. Technology with enormous market value The potential of virtual reality to impact the future of customer interaction explains the fact that giants such as Apple or Google are working tirelessly to innovate.

improve virtual or augmented reality frameworks, with the launches of ‘ ARKit at Apple and ARCore at Google. According to Deloitte, nearly 90% of companies with an estimated annual revenue of $ 100 million have already started planning and applying augmented and virtual reality to their business , and the global augmented and virtual reality market is expected to reach the impressive sum of 94.4 billion dollars in 2023 . 2. Some examples of the practice of virtual reality Source: Baume 3D watch configurator in cooperation with Hapticmedia Ready to increase your conversion rate? Like Guerlain, Baume and Kenzo, use the 3D configuration! Let’s take an example of augmented reality integration on an e-commerce platform: that of Baume, a high-end watch brand.

Baume currently offers its customers an integrated 3D configuration tool created by Hapticmedia, which showcases products in interactive 3D and allows users to customize their purchase and create their unique watch design. In addition, the brand also gives customers the opportunity to virtually try the custom watch on their wrist using a paper strap. This practice dramatically improves the shopping experience for customers by involving them in the design process, while incurring very little additional cost to the business. IKEA offers a very simple and accessible virtual reality-based application that allows customers to place furniture wherever they want.

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