There’s a common assumption that content marketing is for blog-only sites or SaaS businesses. There’s no way it can work for your eCommerce business, right? Wrong. We Costa Rica Phone Number analyzed the content marketing efforts of 88 Sumo customers in four revenue Costa Rica Phone Number categories as reported to Sumo — from businesses that make $10,000 a year, to businesses that make over $1 million a year. That meant we had almost 7,000 articles to help answer some burning questions.

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Do million-dollar companies do content marketing differently. 2 Do backlinks really affect content marketing success? 3 How often do you need to publish on your blog to Costa Rica Phone Number really move the needle. 4 Does your content need to “go viral” to make it worth Costa Rica Phone Number it? 5 How long do your articles need to be. All of the data were queried from a public source and then analyzed using R (statistical software). Before you try this yourself, know that we had to clean up the data a lot before working with it.

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There are many forms of content marketing eCommerce businesses can do, including podcasts, blog posts, and videos. In this guide, we’re diving deep into one type: Costa Rica Phone Number blog posts. Here’s what we found. Not a fan of long-form blog posts, read slides instead. #1: DO Costa Rica Phone Number MILLION-DOLLAR COMPANIES DO CONTENT MARKETING DIFFERENTLY? The first question we wanted to answer was whether higher earning companies publish more content than less profitable ones.

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