Case studies are loved by marketers and sales teams alike for their ability to educate prospects and turn sales pitches and marketing spiels into verified, credible claims. Sales teams need them to show proof to their prospects. Marketers add them to email campaigns to keep mid-funnel buyers engaged. And potential customers look for them on your site to evaluate whether your solution will work for their unique situation. But Netherlands Phone Number for all their perks, case studies are notoriously time-consuming. A survey of Tech Validate users found 77% of our customers spent over a month on each case study, and a third spent 3 months or more! The Netherlands Phone Number good news is you can avoid wasting your time on preventable setbacks. In this blog.

You’re Relying on Sales Team Netherlands Phone Number

To Identify Customers It’s an easy habit to fall into: you reach out to your sales team and solicit a few good customer names for your next case study. Your sales reps work closely with your customers, so they can easily connect you with interested clients, right? The problem is, your sales reps aren’t incentivize to help out the marketing team. Their priority is making sales. The result? You’ll likely have major gaps in the flow of customer references when you rely on your sales team alone. Increasingly, marketers are takings back the reins and running customer surveys Netherlands Phone Number to gauge interest. The minimal time and effort required to fill out a quick survey can mean a lot more responses, and a much bigger pool of customer volunteers to select from.

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You Aren’t Talking to the Right Netherlands Phone Number

People Bad interviews get you nowhere. So when it comes time to gather info for your case study. It’s worth taking that extra moment to make sure you’re set. Netherlands Phone Number up with the right interviewee. Look for someone you believe will be a strong brand advocate (meaning they should have some positive things to say about your product) and who has a strong understanding of the company’s use case, or personally uses your product on a regular basis. Netherlands Phone Number Commonly, when you reach out to set up an interview, the customer might rush to loop in a marketing, brand.

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