Most brands avoid controversy like the plague, in large part because on the surface it does seem ill-advised. Who would want to associate their name with something. Merriam-Webster defines as an “argument that involves many people who strongly disagree Thailand Phone Number about something?” However, there are some who choose to stir the pot because they know something others might not fully understand yet. Controversy attracts attention because it triggers an emotional response, which is essential in generating massive engagement. It encourages Thailand Phone Number audiences to click, read, and share the content.

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Parts of controversial content, though, is execution. In this post, I’ll introduce three ways you can approach controversial content and how to determine which one is right for your brand: 3 Types of Controversial Content The first thing you need to understand is that controversy for the sake of controversy is not going to provide value to your brand or target audience. To get big results, your content needs to get people talking in a way that can Thailand Phone Number still benefit both your brand and consumers. Below are a few different approaches to controversial content along with examples that show how each type can positively relate back to a brand:

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Disprove an Easily Held Assumption Thailand Phone Number

By offering surprising or unexpected content. These ideas typically force audiences to rethink a common belief or rely heavily on a shocking visual. Consider “Hotel Hygiene Exposed,” which we created for our client Travelmath. A few members of our team went.  Thailand Phone Number visited 9 different hotels in order to gather 36 samples from various surfaces. We sent the results to a third-party lab and found out that the nicest. Hotels are actually the dirtiest–driving more than 700 media pickups and 24,000 social shares. controversial content about hotel hygiene Thailand Phone Number. What made this campaign work is that although the results are controversial. The content still relates back to the services offered by the brand

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