Smell, try and play with the product. Virtual try-on technology allows consumers to see what certain products look like before purchase. This technology adapts perfectly to all the items for which consumers want to “touch and smell”: shoes, clothing, accessories, jewelry and make-up. This gives customers complete freedom to Paraguay Phone Number List decide, try and choose at their own pace, without feeling the pressure of having to buy. The customization possibilities offered by the virtual fitting According to Forbes Insights, 40% of marketers report that personalization has a direct impact on maximizing sales,

cart size, and profits in direct-to-consumer channels like e-commerce; 37% report increasing sales and lifetime customer value through product recommendations and content creation. More than a third of respondents have seen an increase in the frequency of transactions thanks to personalization strategies. Combined with 3D product configurators , the virtual fitting allows companies to offer true personalization. Customers can now create customized products that express their personality and sense of style, which helps increase revenue. Virtual fitting technology also encourages cross-selling. Thanks to virtual testing, consumers have the flexibility to combine and match several products of different styles to verify that the set is a good fit.

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For example, it is possible to try on lipstick with different eye shadow or hair color or see what the desired sneakers will look like with different outfits. Sharing, sharing, sharing: share the look, spread the word! During a virtual trial, the consumer can take a photo of themselves and share with social networks and communities, or with friends and family . He can even ask for help and advice live. He thus becomes a voluntary brand propagator and the risks of return are reduced to a minimum . Virtual fitting technology is no longer a vision of the future but the must-have tool that should be on every luxury marketer’s to-do list.

Virtual testing reduces the number of returns According to Appriss Retail, merchandise returns accounted for $ 309 billion in lost sales for U.S. retailers alone in 2019, averaging 8% of total sales . The numbers are even more impressive when you factor in the other costs associated with returns : logistics, warehousing and restocking, labor and environmental impact. As consumers have to try, feel and interact with the products, ecommerce platforms encourage shoppers by offering the return free of charge, but the truth is, this practice affects both margins and the ecosystem. Some consumers are now so used to the idea of ​​trying the products in the comfort of their home that they tend to order more sizes and styles than necessary when they know up front that they will return the product.

Finished Products While Helping Them Make Informed Decisions.

most if not all of the products. According to Barclaycard Research, 30% of customers purposely over-buy and then return unwanted items and 19% admit to ordering multiple versions of the same item to get a feel for when products are delivered and tested. Virtual try-on technology helps reduce returns, resulting in lower costs and smoother supply chains. Case study: the luxury Swiss watch Baume and the virtual fitting A good example of the integration of virtual fitting technology into the multichannel marketing strategy is given by Baume, a high-end watch brand.

The company offers its customers a 3D configurator integrated into its website. Designed by Hapticmedia, the configurator generates an interactive 3D product presentation that allows customers to customize online and create their own unique watch design. In addition, the brand offers customers the opportunity to virtually try on the personalized watch directly on their wrist using a paper strap. This ability greatly improves the shopping experience for customers by involving them in the design process while incurring very little additional cost to the business.

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