It will make the website more attractive to the user and an attractive design will make them spend more time on the company site. A website that incorporates user psychology benefits the business by capturing their attention long enough for them to act on their impulse. To achieve this, determine the target audience and their apparent behavior South Africa WhatsApp Number List towards the site and the brand. From the first visit, the design of the site should make a positive and lasting impression. To improve UX, your website should take into account users’ familiarity with the technology, goals, and typical interface interaction.

These characteristics of the user profile will serve as a guide for the design of your website interface. This process is concomitant with regular analysis and updates of user data and profiles to adapt to changes in consumer behavior . According to Roberta Camarena of Place It , while browsing, users’ attention is captured by small data, not the information on the page. Therefore, your website design should always take customer behavior into account. Critical and compelling information needs to be strategically placed on the website to quickly grab the attention of internet users.

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For example, you’ll use a particularly neat logo design to grab the attention of users who know and trust your brand. User-friendliness above all On the other hand, usability requires that the site or page serving the content be easy to use. Doris Wójcicka from Uxeria points out that ” 70% of online businesses fail because of poor usability “. Formatting is important, but create useful content first. Once users can find or access the product or service, the content provided should be useful and actionable . For a product or service to be useful, the content must not only be original but also meet a specific need .

This implies that the content offered must be believable in order to be used and provide the desired UX. Stunning visuals are a key success factor, especially for e-commerce. The brain processes visual data such as statistics displayed in graphs and tables 60,000 times faster than explanations of the same statistics in body text. Content anchored on relevant and broad statistics is a simple and effective way to impress and capture the attention of Internet users . Optimizing website content to fit small screens !

Source: Baume in cooperation with Hapticmedia The number of people using mobile devices has exploded in recent years. It has become common practice to optimize website content to fit the smaller screens of mobile devices. According to Think With Google , 50% of users are less likely to use a website that isn’t mobile-friendly , even if they respect and like the business. Another study indicates that 74% of people are more likely to revisit a mobile-optimized website . Based on these statistics, a business cannot rely on the quality of its products and services to attract new customers if its website is not easily searchable on mobile devices.

Tailor your content to appear best on different media and channels. Companies that ignore the size differences between computer screens and phones cannot deliver quality UX. Accessibility of content can be improved by offering it in different media. For example, an instruction manual will be offered in written form and also in audio form for visually impaired users. UX is adopted in multiple fields as an important indicator for companies. According to the Nielsen Norman Group , the popularity of UX has grown steadily since 1950 . This popularity is also evidenced by its widespread adoption in other disciplines, such as project management where it is used to plan, organize and align projects and resources.

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