Another successful example: After implementing visual search on their website, fast fashion brand Boohoo reported that their conversion rate doubled and the pages viewed during a session were 135% higher than ‘habit. 4. Voice search Morocco Phone Number List guarantees fast and efficient shopping According to Statista, by 2024 the number of digital voice assistants in the world will reach 8.4 billion units , which is more than the global population of the world. This figure is not surprising, when you take into account that they have already become a key part of the smart device industry, being an integral part of smartphones, smartwatches and other smart devices.

In this context, voice search is becoming a habit for consumers around the world, since as Accenture statistics show, 38% of Gen Z members are ready to make purchases by voice command . Therefore, luxury brands must quickly jump on the bandwagon and start using this technique in their Direct Selling (D2C) channels to provide fast and efficient service to consumers. For example, through Estée Lauder’s Nighttime Expert, a targeted beauty app for Google Assistant on the Google Home device, Estée Lauder offers personalized skin care suggestions through voice activation . Saying, “Hey, Google, can I talk to overnight expert Estée Lauder?” Consumers can ask questions and receive skin care recommendations.

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It Is Also Found To Be Capable Of Adding A Luxurious Look To A Product.

5. AI chatbots offer 24/7 customer service Chatbots are extremely widespread in today’s marketing landscape , because they meet a strict consumer need: 24/7 customer support with immediate and personalized responses. AI chatbots use machine learning and natural language processing to collect user data, learn from conversations, and use that information to produce their own content and conduct conversations with consumers. What makes chatbots even more interesting is that with the help of complex algorithms, they are able to adhere to a certain style and specific tone of voice, which allows for a consistent representation of the brand.

Luxury sellers use AI chatbots to offer real-time support and buying assistance to approach website users, offer proactive information, discounts, cross-sell, up-sell, and more. The advantages of using AI chatbots are enormous, the main one being their cost effectiveness, since they cost significantly less than a team of employees, taking turns 24 hours a day, while ensuring standardized approaches that respect the line. brand director. 6. Artificial intelligence to identify emotions The IA emotions can detect and interpret human emotions by analyzing text, sound, video or a combination of all these elements.

This Is Why Pink Is The Choice Of Many Brands Like Victoria’s Secret.

This technology uses tools such as natural language processing and sentiment analysis, AI of vocal emotions, analysis of facial movements and physiological signals to understand how consumers respond to advertisements, products or certain situations. It therefore allows brands to react quickly to consumers’ emotions , to adjust their digital strategy in real time, but also to modify the presentation of products or the internal flows of a physical store so that visitors benefit from a smooth and personalized experience that drives sales.

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