Whitepapers, webinars, discussion forums and YouTube channel Explanatory long-form guides. Like “what is cloud computing?” The devops page on the AWS Microsite ranks for ~500 keywords, such as “devops” (46,000 monthly searches). Or “what is devops” (10,000 monthly searches).

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They can be on a blog or as text on a category page. Just as Microsites, successful guides cover every stage of the user journey. Home Depot knows how to create well-performing Israel Phone Number  guides. Their blog ranks for ~84,000 keywords with > 220,000 backlinks! The article on “10 outdoor spring cleaning tips” got over 600 backlinks and was shared 145 times just on Facebook (source: AHREFs). The article on “DIY floating shelves” ranks for > 1,700 keywords. Screenshot showing stats for a homedepot blog post The whole

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DIY section ranks for ~376,000 keywords and collected ~126,000 backlinks over time.[*] Screenshot showing ahrefs stats for homedepot.com/c Overstock collected >100,000 backlinks and ranks for >200,000 keywords with guides. Screenshot showing ahrefs results for a site One remarkable piece of content is the “bed size fact sheet”, which ranks for >6,000 (!) organic keywords. Williams Sonoma’s blog is focused on recipes, ranks for ~64,000 keywords

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