All in all, this seems logical in view of the explosive evolution of the use of smartphones. What are the figures for this mobile Dominican Republic Phone Numbers List trend? Well, it’s dazzling! Nearly 60% of French people are mobile users, or 32.9 million people. The evolution is progressive and constant with more than 2.5 million mobile users more each year. (quarterly mobile marketing barometer) In Reunion Island, the great majority of new generations favor the use of mobile phones over that of other media. Thus, there are more than 370,000 mobile users in Reunion ( source of 11/27/17). This number is constantly increasing.

In fact, 959,000 mobiles are in use on the island (more than inhabitants!), Quickly converting to the new generation of smartphones. The potential is therefore immense and the abandonment of “classic” navigation irremediable. Mobile represents two thirds of “digital time”, of which 50% is spent on mobile applications alone! The desktop (pc) now represents only 34% of digital time. (source comScore, state of the art of mobile use 2017) temps-digital-mobile-desktop-2017 By choosing to create only a website, you shun 50% of your customers . You choose to tell yourself that these 50% of customers, “don’t interest me, because…” Big mistake! But then, you will tell me, indeed, mobile first is a reality ,

Dominican Republic Phone Numbers List

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but concretely, what will a mobile application bring me? thinking-2681494_1920 So, I have established for you here, a non-exhaustive list of the advantages of creating your own mobile application. Your value through your mobile app will increase. Your customer engagement will surge, Optimal use, speed, accessibility make the application ideal to stimulate buying = more sales, increased profits. You will become a recognized brand . The icon of your application visible to your customer for hours a day, the ability to send them notifications to warn them of promotions, events, etc. Obviously, the growth of your turnover , because no matter how much we love our customers, we also work a little for that.

You will increase your competitive value! Becoming a benchmark, your market share will be greater. A large source of data at your fingertips. You will collect valuable customer data. These will allow you to better understand your customers, their interests … Thus you will better understand their behavior and what prompts them to act in order to then correct your actions! Phenomenal! In conclusion, creating a mobile application, especially in Reunion Island, which is undergoing a digital transformation, will have many advantages for your business! You have questions ? Doubts ? Or just need some advice? I will be happy to help you, and the advantage is that it costs nothing !

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The Internet of Things (or in English IOT: Internet Of Things) is one of the technologies that has revolutionized software development during the last decade. Also called Web 3.0 or the Web of Things, the Internet of Things extends the possibilities of development to all the objects that surround the human being so as to connect them to the Internet via Wifi or even BLE: Bluetooth Low Energy offering an infinity of use scenarios for developers. This article introduces the concept of Internet of Things by introducing IoT gateways and basic environment installation steps .

Summary THE ARDUINO CARD Intel IoT Gateway The Internet of Things ecosystem in the form of layers Getting started with the Intel IoT Gateway Hardware: Specifications: Software: Stages of installation: 5 complete projects with source code to get started The 5 projects: THE ARDUINO CARD Arduino 101 genuino 101 Arduino 101 genuino 101 Connected boards like Arduino and Raspberry have a microcontroller programmable with C ++, Java, Javascript, Python and other programming languages. These cards are equipped with input-output ports presenting a means of connection to a receiver (light sensor, sound sensor, humidity sensor, etc.) and actuators (motor, LED, display, beeper, etc.).


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