When choosing permissions, do not hesitate to deactivate those that seem suspicious to you. The world today is struck by the rapid development of technology . Some people will say they still pay their bills on paper, others will argue that without Cambodia Phone Number List technology we would still be living in the past. Thirty-eight years ago, the first French mobile phone was born. Designed by Radiocom 2000, the network has continued to grow ever since; of the 1G, we then find ourselves on the 2G during the 90s. Screenshot 2018-10-17 at 10.13.24 A few years later, it was 3G that we saw land; but excellence was not achieved. In 2015, 4G made its appearance. With a more than powerful network, Internet access then becomes faster and above all more efficient.

Regarding 5G, I think we will wait a while longer, even if this network is already considered unbeatable, blowing up the distinction between fixed and nomadic internet. But what do the Media say? Screenshot 2018-10-17 at 10.16.02 Forbes magazine offers us a short description of this phenomenon: “We have gone from a world made up of monoblock, flip, sliding and rotating telephones, all of which had a particular design which made it possible to recognize the manufacturer at first glance. , to a world where all phones are black and rectangular. ” And it’s not over ! “In reality, the smart aspect will escape from the phone to become ubiquitous in our lives.” However, Forbes also shows us another side of this development: “As your stove, your television, and even your bathtub become intelligent, you’ll need your smartphone less and less.

Cambodia Phone Number List

This Makes Sense In Consumption Habits.

Phones continue to evolve and one day they will once again become that device that was used only for making calls. It is therefore unlikely that Apple and Samsung will continue to reign supreme in the market for very long. ”. Indeed this is likely, but it will not happen so quickly, given the number of consumers on our planet at the moment! If the magazine Forbes is convinced of a possible decline in the mobile telephony market, this is not necessarily the opinion of consumers. We can consider the fact that the companies which are connected to this field, have a number of consumers more than impressive. Alas, we do not know everything! But wait, it’s coming …

Fortunately, Arcep is there to help us see things more clearly! Indeed, they affirm: “Terminals of 20 € and 30 € per month make it possible to distinguish, in three relatively balanced groups,” small “consumers (whose expenditure is less than or equal to 20 € per month), consumers “Medium” (between € 21 and € 30), and “heavy” consumers (over € 30 per month). Almost two-thirds of mobile operator customers say they spend more than € 20 each month ”. Screenshot 2018-10-17 at 10.11.17 Not to mention the children, just as involved! Even if opinions differ, it is still a sixteen-year-old teenager, does much better than his parents or his grandparents when they have a cell phone in their hands. Whether it is to store the phone itself, or download applications, the teenager will be able to do it.

His Store, By Bridging The Sales Space And Digital Tools, Without Disruption,

For information, a teenager sends on average nearly fifty sms per month !! Enough to explode the wallet of mum and dad … However, it is not these grown-up children who are causing the mobile telephony market to explode, but people between 25 and 39 years old. These are driving consumption figures up like butter melts in the sun! Applications, accessories and the product itself, a 27-year-old will go around it all to find what he is looking for. Screenshot 2018-10-17 at 10.44.28 With applications like emojis, google play, or even “smart” watches linked to your phone, it’s to lose your mind! And yet, they are successful because of us, the consumers, we who are the main buyers! At this rate, we fear the risk of seeing robots or even mutant phones arrive!

But don’t worry, because while the power of the mobile phone continues to grow, it is no less than a machine. A machine which is now attracting a good part of humanity, and which is growing the financial market at a more than explosive speed. But it is a generality! No folks, you are not all like that! For the blink of an eye, the profession exercised by traders is one of the oldest profession of humanity, it dates from the Neolithic and would have developed at the same time as agriculture. trade Since its creation, traders have constantly sought out customers where they are, initially, its geographical neighborhood. He then knew how to circulate goods, thus going to markets and fairs. I suggest you take a trip back in time to return to our modern times.


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