These inputs / outputs can be defined as analog or digital. The analog inputs / outputs can send / receive a digital signal (0 or 1) or an analog signal (variable between 0 and the maximum capacity) Example : You can send a digital signal to an LED: 1 to turn on the LED and 0 if you want the opposite. You can also send an analog signal: the brightness of the LED will vary according to the values ​​received. Intel IoT Gateway An IOT gateway is an intermediary device between the sensors and the cloud allowing the secure exchange of data. The IOT gateway guarantees the collection of user data with efficiency thanks to its hardware configuration. Ethernet hub Ethernet hub The IoT ecosystem is made up of several layers.

The first layer contains the sensors inserted to the Arduino board. The IOT gateway acts as an intermediary which guarantees a Ecuador Phone Number List secure exchange between the sensor layer and the networking layer (the cloud). The upper layers allow data persistence and then analysis and interpretation of the collected data. LoRa network LoRa Network The Internet of Things ecosystem in the form of layers Getting started with the Intel IoT Gateway Hardware: The development kit presented by Groove and Intel and called “Groove IoT commercial development kit” is perfect for starting to prototype the first projects. The kit contains the Intel IoT Gateway with a starter pack of multiple sensors and actuators.

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Sensors / actuators can be purchased separately. Indeed more than 300 sensors / actuators can be combined with the IoT gateway and the Arduino board. Specifications: The kit contains: Intel NUC (IoT Gateway, with 4G memory) Button Sound sensor Light sensor Light sensor Vibrator RGB LCD display 3 LEDs (blue, green, red) Motor Shield Groove v2 Cable 26AWG USB cable – 0.5m This kit does not contain the Arduino board needed to assemble the first prototypes. The Genuino 101 board (called in the US Arduino 101) is the board recommended for this kind of projects.

The Genuino 101 card presents: 14 digital input / output pins 6 input pins USB connector Power port Grove starter kit Combined with the Shield Groove which allows quick connection with sensors and actuators. Several sensors and actuators, as the LCD screen requires 5V to operate, the power button must be set to 5V (it is generally set to 3V) With this kit here is the list of peripherals needed to get started: A screen, a mouse, a keyboard will be necessary to connect and use the IoT gateway. An Ethernet cable is required to connect the gateway to the Internet.

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A USB key is also required to install an operating system in the gateway. Software: To start programming it is recommended to have an appropriate IDE according to the programming language: For C / C ++ or Java you must use Intel System Studio IoT Edition For Javascript: Intel XDK Stages of installation: Plug the USB key into your PC and open the browser. Create an Intel IoT Platform Marketplace account. Obtain and install the Intel IoT Gateway Software Suite software. Extract the zip file and get the .img file to put it in the USB drive. (For Windows, use Win 32 Disk Imager and for Linux open the terminal and enter this command (sdx is your USB key) ” Disconnect the USB key from your PC and insert it into the gateway.

Start the IoT Gateway with the inserted USB key to begin the installation. Start in BIOS mode by pressing DEL or F2 then select USB as the primary choice. Connect the Ethernet cable to the gateway and using the command prompt run the ifconfig eth0 command to find out the IP address. Unplug the USB key and restart the IoT gateway. Your gateway is now functional. Connect the USB cable between the Arduino board and the IoT gateway. Now everything is in place to start! 5 complete projects with source code to get started Applications in the field of Internet of Things using IoT gateways are diverse. Here are 5 projects with source code in C ++, Java, JavaScript, Python.

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