The hybrid framework is often developed and maintained by a third party or open-source company Some components are not supported by the hybrid framework, so requires some native development At Squirrel, we have chosen to use the Axway Titanium framework of which we have become an official partner . This framework has been Cyprus Mobile Number List around since 2014 and is very stable now. It allows rapid and efficient development and we use it in 70% of our projects. In conclusion regarding the choice of technology: If you have a small budget and don’t rely on your app, then the webapp is for you. If your budget allows it, if you have the time to complete your project, you can opt for native development.

Hybrid native development is a great choice to stay on budget while focusing on user experience. Once you have chosen your technology, the cost of developing your mobile application will vary depending on several factors. Variation in cost depending on design and graphics The cost of your application depending on the design you will integrate will vary: If you have specific graphics ideas Depending on the number of screens in your application By making the logo From the level of complexity of your design … Variation of the cost according to the terms of the contract For monitoring and maintenance, the price will also vary: If you want follow-up and recurring updates to solve your bugs or make small changes If you want to benefit from statistical tools Depending on the investment in promoting your app …

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Variation in cost depending on the functionalities to be integrated The more interfaces and features you integrate, the higher the rating will increase, so it will be more expensive to create. The functionalities of an application can be as follows : A search page The use of geolocation Account creation Integrated tools (cameras, bluetooth, scan, qr code, etc.) Integration of in-app purchases M-commerce (payment) functionalities Reservation system User rating Instant messaging Verification tools (sending sms ..) Social media sharing Integrated calendar and planning system Push notifications Automatic email sending Translation in several languages Offline operation Back office Creation of an API …

( List far from being exhaustive) The functionalities to integrate are so vast that it is difficult to estimate an exact cost before even knowing the type of application, however: Estimated cost of developing a mobile application in Reunion Island We provide you here with an estimate of the cost of mobile development. You have therefore understood that depending on the technology used, the design of your mobile application and the features to be integrated, the cost of developing your mobile application will vary from simple to fivefold. Simple applications can be imagined and developed for marketing purposes. These types of applications are quick to develop and allow a large number of people to be reached quickly and efficiently: between 1,500 and 2,000 euros (for responsive or WebApps).

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Complex applications requiring databases, or an external source such as APIs or Web services, it takes between 4000 and 35000 euros. These are, for example, catalog applications or applications connected to Twitter. From 30,000 euros and more to compete with Instagram, Uber or BlaBlaCar. These applications require specific technical development. The most expensive are arguably the most downloaded. Between 7,500 and 100,000 euros for mobile games . Due to the workmanship and graphic quality of mobile phones, these applications require months of development. For example, the development of Real Racing 2, a popular iPhone racing game, cost nearly € 1.5 million. Either way, know that it is always good to compare the providers you are going to call on.

Understand the advantages and limitations of their offers. MVP SQUIRREL Finally, know that there are MVPs, ” minimum viable product “. This new method, straight from Silicon Valley, aims to support startups and innovative companies, in the development of MVPs allowing them to test and know their market, to release a suitable and scalable product within short deadlines and at a low cost. ultra controlled budget. Launching an idea has never been easier so try to develop your mobile application ! 3 Comments Stop! 7 reasons not to develop your mobile application! February 8, 2018 […] I wrote an article about the costs of developing a mobile application in Reunion, you will find it here How much does the development of a mobile application cost in Reunion? […] Merchants: Reach Your Customers With Mobile Apps! March 19, 2018 […] Let’s also break the taboos.

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