Each project contains a configuration file to configure the configuration of sensors and actuators: For C ++ projects the cpp.json file For Java projects the /src/config.properties file For JavaScript the config.json file For Python the config.py file The 5 projects: Air quality sensor Door bell Earthquake detector Plant Lightening system Sound detector This article is complete, we hope we were able to help you, now it’s your turn! To go further , SQUIRREL CORP offers its customers, professionals, individuals and higher education, tailor-made training.In this article, I provide you with a tutorial that will allow you to use this library. However, before you start: Download the project which includes the complete tracking.js examples with the necessary dependencies in order to run and evolve your projects .

Here is the list of examples that cover all the features of trackingJS: image (2) In order to use the examples, you have to unzip the Egypt Phone Numbers List code to an server so that you can then test by accessing the url in the browser. Example: tracking.js / Step 1: Create your first example Create a first_tracking.html web paStep 2: Choose what you are going to track Tracking.js offers face identification (with precision eyes, mouth), a color, tagging a person, or customizing your own tracker. In your first_tracking.html page we will add a code to identify the colors in an image or in a video. Under the examples / directory you can copy and paste the code from the corresponding file if you want to test another functionality.

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Here is the first_tracking.html file after adding the code that will allow the identification of the colors: tracking.track (‘# myVideo’, colors); This example will ask for permission to use your camera and then identify the colors magenta, cyan blue, and yellow if they appear in front of the camera. The coordinates of the object with these colors will be displayed in front of you if you present an object of this color in front of the camera. You’re about to build your app or you’ve just finished developing your app, that’s great news! Great, your project is coming to fruition! Creator: ” What do you mean? there is still to do? ” Squirrel Mobile : “ Well yes! it remains the essential step of putting your baby’s stores online! That was kind of the point of creating your app at the same time!

” In this article, we will approach this step of putting your mobile application online as simply as possible. You are ready ? Let’s go ! tenor Summary STEP 1: Prepare all the necessary information and documents STEP 2: Create an Apple account and recover your Apple ID STEP 3: Create an iOS developer account (we’re getting there!) STEP 1: Prepare all the necessary information and documents Before accessing the payment Mr Apple will ask you a lot of elements so it is practical to prepare everything in advance so as not to have to run around in his office at the time T.

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You will therefore need information from the structure: Type of structure: Business or government organization Account name: Legal name of your business, as presented on your tax documents Website The company’s DUNS number Contact email address instead of the domain name of the company Your phone number And, sometimes, at the will of Apple a copy of the Kbis  Készako the DUNS? z The DUNS is a 9-digit number that is used to be identified worldwide in the Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) directory, it only concerns requests for business stat

us. To open a DUNS account you first need an Apple ID account, if you don’t have one, you can create one from account Finally, to create your DUNS account, it’s here: : (you must be logged in with your Apple account). For that, you will need: The legal name of your business Headquarters address Your professional email address Contact information Please note: if you need to create a developer account in the name of your company, you will not be able to do so without this number! STEP 2: Create an Apple account and recover your Apple ID The iOS developer account will be linked to an Apple ID. Apple ID is a personal account with Apple, which can be used on many of their services.

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