Do you know how many of these people are connected to the internet from their mobile? 970,900! What ? is it crazy? Yes there are more connections on mobiles than there are inhabitants on our island! What else? giphy “Mobile applications are a fad, it will pass” Let’s continue our momentum on the assessment drawn up by Alexa. In 2017 alone: Connections on mobile increased by 16% while those on PCs decreased by 6% The French spend an average of 43 days a year on their mobile applications (app Annie study 2017) In 2017 the number of downloads of mobile applications exceeded 175 billion worldwide Stripper! Are you sure you don’t want coffee? Okay, let’s move on … “My competitors do not have a mobile application” However, is this an end in itself?

But don’t you see an opportunity there? So, of course, it remains to be ripened, to ask for opinions. Maybe even if none of your competitors Costa Rica Phone Numbers List have done so, it means that it is proving very difficult to create a mobile version of your business. But, if not, you have an offer there, which can turn into a blue ocean. So what is the blue ocean strategy? Created by W. Chan Kim and Renée Maubourgne, the blue ocean is a corporate strategy aimed at creating new strategic spaces. Clearly, you are creating a whole new demand in an undisputed, saturated strategic space. “A mobile application will not bring me anything” Houla, houla, let’s calm down. As with any decision for his business (as for his personal life for that matter) it deserves a reflection.

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There are a few things you need to measure before you jump into building a mobile app. Because you will surely greatly increase your demand and therefore your workload will also increase. Here are the questions to ask yourself before you start: Do I have enough cash to get started? What is my business plan? How am I going to position myself? Will I have to employ new people? What are my goals? Are they SMART (Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realistic, Time-bound)? How will I differentiate myself? Etc., etc… Clearly  when you want to follow the changes in our society and especially to develop your business, any option is good to think about. We are in a rapidly changing society. Habits change and tend towards everything that is immediate. The consumer wants everything and now.

He also wants to be able to compare, he also seeks the best value for money … The 2018 Alexa data prove that the Reunionese are ultra connected to their mobile, all you have to do is think about it, analyze it and maybe go for it, if this is the case, we wish you good luck! The Squirrel mobile studio is a mobile creation and development laboratory based in Paris and on Reunion Island. Our job being our passion, we respond to all requests but are also available to advise companies in their digitalization but also on their needs. In a caring and transparent approach we offer appointments board and strategic to our customers. One Comment Merchants: Reach Your Customers With Mobile Apps! March 19, 2018 […] But in what way is the development of a mobile application a lever for growth?

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This article will enlighten you: Top reasons to develop a mobile application for your business in Réunion […] Why create a mobile application ? This is the question we asked ourselves the last time. Along the way, here we are at another stage. Ok, you want to develop your mobile app , but you have absolutely no idea how much it might cost! In Reunion Island, the world of mobile development is gradually settling down. There are still very few players capable of offering you mobile development, especially native or hybrid, and even fewer studios specializing in mobile development, which is a real specialization. First of all, we would like to remove this doubt from you, so that you clearly understand what your provider offers you, why it is good, or why it is not.

check-2082845_1920 Summary Variation in cost depending on the development technology chosen The native application: The advantages of developing natively: The disadvantages of developing natively: Responsive web application What are the advantages ? And its drawbacks? Hybrid applications The web hybrid The native hybrid (The team’s choice) In conclusion regarding the choice of technology: Variation in cost depending on design and graphics Variation of the cost according to the terms of the contract Variation in cost depending on the functionalities to be integrated Estimated cost of developing a mobile application in Reunion Island Variation in cost depending on the development technology chosen What are the different types of mobile development and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

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