The Trust Flow (TF or trustflow) is a complementary indicator to the Citation Flow (CF) , it assesses the confidence index of a web page or a website. Citation Flow and Trust Flow are the Flow Metrics used by a growing number of SEO managers. Trust Flow is a registered trademark of Majestic SEO . As with the Citation Flow indicator, the quality of Trust Flow is represented by a score between 0 and 100 . Trust Flow is distributed from link to link on the Internet just like Google PageRank , it is not transmitted through NoFollow links . A site with one or more close links with one or more trusted sites will have a high score. Conversely, a site with many suspicious links will have a low score. The TF Index is calculated from the world’s largest link index database.

This database is updated daily. This daily update (Fresh Index function) allows obtaining an almost instantaneous photograph of its backlinks . The calculation of the index according to Majestic Seo To define a reliable confidence Malawi Email List index for each URL, we started with an impressive list of sites analyzed manually and meeting the confidence criteria common to all search engines (eg: Dmoz, Yellowpages,…). This list is not exhaustive. But it’s big enough that our algorithms and calculations are reliable across the web. The Trust Flow is therefore calculated from link to link from the outgoing links of the sites in this list. It symbolizes the ability of a page to convey confidence to you.

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What is Trust Flow?

This list of “Trusted” sites is updated regularly, and the inclusion criteria are quite strict. All the sites that compose it have been validated by several months of studies and statistical tests allowing us to make our calculation of the TF more reliable. How to know the Trust Flow of a website? To find out your TF score, go to the MAJESTIC site , copy / paste the url of the site to be tested and the result is immediate. Trust Flow indicator – MAJESTIC SEOTrust Flow indicator – MAJESTIC SEO – anthedesign web agency How to interpret the results obtained? How to interpret your score from a Majestic SEO graph? Decryption from a capture of the analysis of the url fr carried out with the Majestic SEO extension for Google Chrome.

Flow-Metrics-web-agency-anthedesignFlow Metrics home site AntheDesign TF 53 | CF 50 The TF index is located on the vertical axis of the visualization graph. A large number of points above the middle line reflects an area with a high confidence index. The Trust Flow index is most of the time lower than the Citation Flow , a site with a TF higher than the CF is often an institutional site (with a extension) or a domain authority (domain authority) . A TF score> 40 places a site in the High Trust Flow category according to Majestic SEO . What is the TF used for? The Trust Flow analysis of your inbound links allows you to carry out a qualitative audit of all your backlinks .

How is the Trust Flow calculated?

It also makes it possible to target sites with interesting profiles as part of an SEO strategy integrating quality netlinking (TF> 40). Getting an inbound link from a page with a high TF gives you good Link Juice and the virtual certainty of escaping Google Penguin sanctions . TF (Trust Flow) is also a criterion for evaluating the market value of a domain name. This is even more true since the disappearance of PR (Google PageRank). KIFDOM-trust-flow-purchase-domain-namekifdom.

Purchase of domain name with display of TF To conclude The TF represents the quality and the confidence granted to the links which point towards your site or towards one of your pages . It sort of conveys the ability to convey trust to another page. This indicator is of particular interest to SEO professionals and website owners engaged in a natural referencing strategy. In short, a high TF is the assurance of good positioning on Google.

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