Continuing its digital journey, the company announced partnerships with Alibaba and Richemont . In November 2020, the 3 Giants launched a global partnership aimed at supporting Farfetch’s expansion in China, as well as contributing to Venezuela Phone Number List the global digitalization of the luxury industry. The objective of this project is to create a mix of capacities and expertise in order to develop purchasing chains on the Tmall Luxury Pavilion and Luxury Soho. Both Alibaba and Richemont have invested in the Farfetch China joint venture and Farfetch Limited.

In addition, this association will allow Farfetch to take full advantage of emerging technologies such as augmented reality and to create the steering group, which includes luxury leaders Johann Rupert and François-Henri Pinault. This new partnership reinforces Farfetch’s commitment to digitize the shopping experience in the luxury sector. What can luxury marketers learn from Farfetch’s digital strategy? 1. Omnichannel marketing Farfetch connects physical stores to consumers around the world through its digital platform, enabling luxury brands to deliver a seamless experience across multiple channels.

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Yet the company doesn’t stop there, as it also powers e-commerce sites for other brands, acting as a “full-fledged agency and white-label solution for brands, where we can use our platform to build another website and then deploy in a modular way the services or infrastructure they want to use ”, as explained José Neves, according to Business of Fashion . In 2019, dedicated to its goal of expanding its online presence, Mulberry began collaborating with Farfetch, bringing its iconic leather bags, small leather goods, shoes and sunglasses online.

This partnership has enabled the luxury brand to improve its direct-to-consumer sales model and open it up to a global audience, thus strengthening its omnichannel strategy. Names like Gucci, Fendi and Stella McCartney are also using the platform to complement their existing brand channels. 2. Influencer marketing Through its Farfetch Communities campaign, the multi-brand luxury e-commerce platform recruited online influencers , Chloë Sevigny, Riz Ahmed, Adwoa Aboah and Blondey McCoy, to post inspirational looks and develop recommendations for them.

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purchase. The involvement of influencers in its marketing strategies has enabled the brand to reach different audience pools, strengthen its reputation and confidence, and position itself as the essential source of inspiring content. 3. Content Marketing Image source: Farfetch and Gucci Open House . In 2019, Farfetch and Gucci launched another successful collaboration, a content marketing project called “ Farfetch and Gucci Open House, ” an eight-month series of articles that introduce readers to the homes of Gucci fans. Each house has a different influence, which reminds viewers of Paris, Monaco, Chicago, Toronto, Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro and London.

The editorial project aims to provide inspiration, as well as to place Gucci products in the context of different lifestyles and cultural environments, allowing Farfetch users to experience new collections in an innovative and entertaining way. . This form of original content proves that Farfetch understands its role as a content creator and host who is not only meant to sell products, but to deliver information, ideas and inspiration to his audience. 4. User generated content Farfetch understands that consumers of luxury goods want to be more than just buyers. They want a close, two-way connection with the brand. They also want to create content and be part of the brand’s story .

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