Why spend so much time creating something that you only post once. I’m not talking about simply reposting the same piece of content but tweak. It so that it stays relevant. Fresh and engaging – and you can reach a whole new market for you .And your business. Evergreen content if you’ve never heard of evergreen content. Then here’s a crash course; evergreen content is content that can be easily updated .To stay fresh forever… it can also work wonders in .Driving traffic to your website and helping create and maintain a loyal following. It’s not a case of copy and pasting it over and over again. But adding a subtle tweak or additional information to keep it relevant.

It Might Be a Blog You Wrote About Mental Health a Few

Years ago which you could revisit and update given the mental health crisis we’re facing thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects. Why ‘evergreen’? Well, the evergreen tree is a symbol of ongoing life because it keeps its leaves month in, month out, year after year after year – evergreen content is considered sustainable and lasting. Pakistan Phone Number We know what you’re thinking; ‘all content is evergreen because once it’s online, it’s there forever’; true (just ask anyone who’s been vilified for a tweet they posted 5 years ago) but when we talk about evergreen content

We’re on About Content That Maintains Its Relevancy

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And keeps drawing engagement and traffic way after it was first published. We love this quote from Salma Jafri and we’re pretty sure you will too, especially if the thought of creating a content planner fills you with dread and you hit a creative brick wall. In essence, it’s the work smarter not harder philosophy; generate less content but ensure more people see it and engage with it. In many cases, your original piece of content may have only made a splash with one demographic so by changing a format to fit a different platform you will automatically engage with new people time after time Meeting a new audience where they are!

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