Content curation provides a direct path to thought leadership for brands and individuals. As you curate and share high-quality content, you’ll generate awareness and gain credibility. You’ll be respected for your knowledge since you’re finding just the right content your target audience needs. My Poland Phone Number content curation used to be 100% manual. I’d finish reading an interesting article, then head to Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook and share it. Today, I use a set of tools that automate these steps. The tools not only save me time, they also surface content Poland Phone Number I otherwise would have missed. In this blog, I’ll cover the tools that I use as well as best practices for content curation. Content Curation Best Practices Let’s cover some best practices.

I Keep It to Three Steps Poland Phone Number

Identify your target audience (i.e. for whom are you curating and sharing?) Read the entire article or post. I repeat, read the entire article or post. Be picky in what you share. Especially when you’re starting out with curation, a niche (vs. broad) target audience works well. A target audience of marketers may be too broad, while B2B marketers in life sciences doing ABM may be too narrow. B2B marketers doing ABM may be just right. Manual Curation via Feedly enables Poland Phone Number me to subscribe to websites and blogs via RSS. As I find interesting sites, I’ll grab the URL and add it to Feedly. I subscribe to over 200 sites, so I organize them into categorized folders:

Poland Phone Number

It’s Easy for Me to Fall Poland Phone Number

Behind with so much content out there, so I Poland Phone Number check Feedly a few times per week. I’ll scan the list of article headlines for a site, then decide which ones to read. I’ll skim my selections, then save some of the articles to read in their entirety later. I then mark all as read and move on to the next site. HOW IT HELPS: To visit these 200+ sites individually would add several hours to my day, or several days to my week. Because I scan each site individually,  Poland Phone Number I better understand the topics, publishing frequency, and priorities for some of the key websites in my industry. COST: Free with paid plans available. Quick-Hit Curation with Nuzzel I follow over 10,000 people on Twitter.

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