The universe of digital marketing becomes an increasingly wide field. If in the past companies only had a website, today they can be on social networks, investing in ads, optimizing pages with SEO, sending email marketing, generating leads and a multitude of other strategies. However, not all companies have the teams, the knowledge, the budget, and the time to think about everything. So a digital marketing agency could be the best solution .

It can develop all these activities with specialized professionals and enhance the online performance of your clients. In this article you will better understand how a digital marketing agency works, if it is worth hiring it for your business and how to make the best decision. Find out below: What is a digital marketing agency? What does a digital marketing agency do? Is it worth hiring a digital marketing agency? What are the advantages? How to choose a good digital marketing agency? What is a digital marketing agency? A digital marketing agency is a Austria Email List specialized in promoting brands and products on digital channels , with outreach and relationship strategies. That type of company caters to clients who want to outsource digital marketing to a partner.

Digital agencies emerged in the context of the growth and popularization of digital marketing. As digital channels and strategies gained relevance for company marketing , new agencies emerged around the world as a specialty of traditional advertising agencies, which until then worked with offline marketing. For this reason, many digital marketing agencies follow the structure of advertising agencies , with departments of Service, Planning, Media and Creation. But digital marketing brings some adaptations, such as the inclusion of areas of SEO , Performance , Content, among others. A large digital marketing agency usually has all these subdivisions, with complete teams for each area.

But there are also smaller agencies, with reduced teams, or even specialized ones, such as: SEO agency, social media agency , content marketing agency , and performance agency. The client can have a permanent relationship with the agency, as if it were an extension of the company. But it is also possible to hire for specific strategies (email marketing or social networks, for example) or certain periods (Black Friday campaign, for example). What does a digital marketing agency do? It is important to understand that the role of the digital marketing agency is not just to use tools .

The differential of this alliance is to have the experience of professionals to know the digital market, plan strategies and identify the best opportunities. Therefore, it is a strategic partnership, not just an operational one . That is why digital marketing agency services range from planning to measurement . Here’s a better understanding of what a digital agency does and what services it offers: Strategic planning The agency-client partnership begins with planning.

It is at this time that the agency collects information about the market , competitors and the business itself. Here, integration with the client’s team is important to align the information and better understand the context of the company. Based on this data, the digital marketing agency prepares a strategic plan, in accordance with the identified demands and the expected results.

It is necessary to define objectives, strategies, budgets , schedules and indicators. Channel and strategy management The digital marketing agency is in charge of managing digital strategies and channels. You don’t just hire an agency to create an ad on Facebook, for example, but to manage paid media campaigns. That implies a broader vision of the strategy and the channel that is not only operational, but also thinks strategically.

With this logic, the agency also manages email marketing strategies , SEO, social networks, inbound marketing and others. Online Ads One of the main functions of the digital marketing agency is the creation of online advertisements, such as sponsored links and social ads . At the end of the day, this is one of the most effective ways to drive sales and conversions for the business.

The agency is then responsible for setting paid media goals, segmenting campaign target audiences , managing ad budget, and monitoring results. As you run your ads, you should also identify opportunities to optimize ad performance. conversions Content production Content production is necessary in all types of digital marketing strategy: to optimize a website, create a blog, post on social media or nurture leads , for example. For this reason, many agencies have a content area, with professionals specialized in content marketing .

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