To get a clear picture of how all your campaigns and keywords are performing on Google Ads search partner sites, select the Campaign-level Keywords tab and download your Google Ads data to a . Spain Phone Number . CSV file: search partners csv This will allow you to manipulate the data in Excel, giving you a much clearer view of how each of your keywords is performing on Google Search and on search partner sites. How to manage research partners We have collected and analyzed Google Ads Spain Phone Number. campaign data from our clients’ accounts over the past 12 months. At first glance, the results painted a rather bleak picture of Google’s search partners.

What Are the Key Findings Spain Phone Number

So what are the key findings from this data? While Google’s Search Network ads generate a much higher average CTR and click conversion rate, the average cost per click is 10p higher. To some extent, a lower average CPC isn’t too surprising, because ultimately Google is trying to Spain Phone Number push the network towards paid search marketers: CTR table When you drill down into your campaign keyword data using Excel, this  is where Google search partners start showing other limitations. First, AdWords will not allow you to make bid adjustments specifically for Search

Artner Ad Placements Spain Phone Number

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Network Partner ad placements, or allow you to create Search Network Partner-only campaigns. Your campaign may have keywords that will perform well on search partner sites. Spain Phone Number. So if you decide to exclude search partners from an active campaign, you risk losing profitable clicks and conversions from keywords that perform well on those sites. Spain Phone Number. The most effective way to overcome these limitations is to pause underperforming keywords and add them to a new search network-only campaign that excludes Google search partners.

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