Check out the question on Amazon for its iPhone X page. Screenshot showing questions and answers for a product on amazon That’s an opportunity! Most online retailers haven’t yet figured out how to efficiently rank in featured snippets. But Houzz has. The company that’s worth 4 billion USD*, rolled out customer service content throughout all of their category pages. What makes the content so valuable is that the questions are highly targeted at specific problems.

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Look at the questions at the bottom of their bathroom category page. Screenshot showing a text about information on how to choose a bathroom Houzz has Ghana Phone Number about 49,000 featured. Snippets to date – a third more than Amazon. It’s not just about getting featured Ghana Phone Number snippets or direct answers. It’s about providing customer service with content on your site. Zillow’s own Pinterest, called Digs, links to guides on top of the Q&A format. That way they provide value to users, add content to their pages and strengthen

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he guides with internal links. Here’s an example from Digs “Bathrooms category page”: Screenshot showing bathroom upgrade content Wayfair packages content in a different way – and it’s pretty darn good. Look at the content at the bottom of their “wallpaper” page. Screenshot showing information about wallpapers It seems hand-written and very targeted to the specific problems that come with putting a wallpaper on a wall. But what stuns me is the incredible content they have on category pages

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