This way, you can keep your keywords that perform well on search partner sites while excluding those that. Sweden Phone Number. have a low click conversion rate and high cost per conversion. Below, I’ve taken data on a search network campaign’s keywords and how their keywords performed on Google Search and on Google Search Partner sites: keyword data table search partners We can see from the data that there are keywords that .Sweden Phone Number.  performed better on search partner sites. In particular, [Garden Table Covers] and “Round Garden Table Covers” generated higher click conversion rates while lowering the cost per click converted.

You Would Stick Sweden Phone Number

Ideally, you would stick with keywords that perform well on both Google search and search partner sites. On the other hand, some keywords clearly underperformed on search partner sites. For example, [round garden table cover] had a much lower click-through rate and failed to Sweden Phone Number convert. For keywords that aren’t working on search partner sites, I recommend pausing them in your existing campaign and moving them to a search network-only campaign that will exclude search partners. If your campaigns are budget constrained and reluctant to increase the budget, this would be a good starting point to identify savings.

Taking a Closer Look Sweden Phone Number

Sweden Phone Number List

By taking a closer look at how your keywords are performing on search partner sites and moving those that are underperforming to a search network-only campaign, you’ll save money. Sweden Phone Number. From there, you can invest more in more profitable keywords on Google search. How to Exclude Google Search Partners Google Ads will include Search Network partners in your Search Network campaigns by default. . So, to exclude them from new campaigns, you will have to uncheck the option from the configuration screen: include research partners

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