Display testimonials from clients. Click here to install Testimonials Showcase. Reviews are user-generated, uncurated ratings of your product or service. On the other hand, testimonials are usually curated, sought after and displayed by the site owner. Testimonials act as social proof and show your customers that your product is trustworthy. So as you gather feedback from your customers. That’s what Testimonials Showcase helps you do.

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Screenshot showing Northstar You can display the testimonials on a grid or in a slider. Complete with the customer’s image and star rating of the product. WORDPRESS PLUGINS FOR LIST BUILDING #12: SUMO GROW EMAIL LIST SHORTCUT Key Takeaway. Grow Email List South Africa Phone Number Shortcut can help you rapidly grow your email list. Click the button below to install Sumo to get the Grow Email List Shortcut. The Sumo Grow Email List Shortcut is a staple in a successful Shopify stores toolkit.

South Africa Phone Number List

Many successful Shopify stores have used it to grow their email list by offering. $150 store credit (Rhone case study) 20% discount email updates (GroceryGetter case study) Here’s an example of what it looks like. (you set a timer, and it shows up after someone has been on your site for X seconds). Screenshot showing a Sumo popup Rhone has been using it to grow their email list by 100-200 emails per day. Graph showing the effectiveness of the Sumo Grow Email List Shortcut To do what Rhone did,

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