These two countries also have some of the highest monthly active users of any country in the world, making North America. a vitally important market for Facebook. (The source) 17. Jordan Phone Number.  Every minute. of downtime costs Facebook about $24,420. The “prolonged” outage that lasted 19 minutes in August 2014 cost the company nearly $427,000 — and you thought. you were pissed off when. Facebook went down. Jordan Phone Number (source) 18. Posts posted between 10:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. EST receive an average of 88% more interactions than posts posted at other times of the day.

Also Have Some of the Highest Monthly Jordan Phone Number

Additionally, ending posts with a question increases engagement with those posts by an average of 162%. (The source) 19. In September 2014, Facebook users watched one billion collective videos per day. Today, that figure is over 4 billion – and 75% of those videos to Jordan Phone Number viewed happen on mobile devices. (The source) 20. Videos are the most shared type of content on Facebook. On average, videos receive 89.5 shares per video, a significantly higher number of shares than photos or text posts. (The source) Facebook fact shares by post type Image via SocialMouths 21.

Active Users of Any Country in the Jordan Phone Number

Jordan Phone Number

Posting once or twice a day on Facebook generates on average 40% more engagement than posting three or more times a day. It goes to show that despite marketers’ best efforts to Jordan Phone Number. beat Facebook’s rapidly declining organic reach, you can’t just use brute force to make your voice heard. (The source) If you know any fun Facebook facts, let us know in the comments!According to BI Intelligence, the popularity of online video advertising is growing at a much faster rate than almost any. Jordan Phone Number. other advertising format and medium. As more businesses embrace this method of marketing, YouTube is becoming increasingly saturated with Google Ads video ads. So what can advertisers do to stand out among a multitude of videos?

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