The video ends with the poignant message: “Love does not This is the ninth most watched YouTube ad of 2015. Guys, the surprise works! This ad, created by Fanpage. Kenya Phone Number. it, aims to draw attention to the horrors of domestic violence in Italy. It features a group of young Italian boys who are asked a series of questions about their future. Kenya Phone Number.  They are then introduced to a girl and asked to share what they like about her. Many say sweet things, causing them to blush and become shy. Then the narrator does a gruesome pivot and tells the little boys to slap the girl, shocking both the boys and the audience. Each of the boys stares at the narrator in horror and confusion, all refusing to comply.

Poignant Message Love Does Not This Kenya Phone Number

YouTube Advertising Tip Pull Your Audience’s Heart Time and time again, we’ve seen that ads that elicit emotions are highly impactful, and therefore incredibly memorable, for viewers. Sure, it can be difficult to Kenya Phone Number incorporate emotional triggers into small text ads or static image ads, but video ads are another story. If you don’t have the stamina to watch the ad, here’s a basic overview. A lonely elderly man learns from each of his busy adult children that their family will not be coming for.

Is the Ninth Most Watched Youtube Kenya Phone Number

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With this format, you have the opportunity to tell a story and incorporate both visual and auditory elements to reinforce it. Kenya Phone Number. wheel of emotion The options here are endless – we humans have a whole range of emotional triggers – all you have to do is pick the one you want to evoke and start building a story to incorporate it. German supermarket chain EDEKA gave a boost to this strategy earlier this year. Kenya Phone Number. Instead of a boring old grocery ad, this tearjerker that went viral: Warning: wipe off all your mascara and grab a box of tissues before you click play.

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