Take the necessary steps to detect and correct the factors blocking the optimization of the tags, the possible redirects of the pages or the loading time. Content analysis is crucial. Is the information correct? Are they up to date? What about the quality of web writing ? Is your item unique? Duplicate content is doomed to failure, Google is sure to penalize your website. Remember that great positions in search engine results are not cheap. Only well-referenced sites will be privileged. The tools used for a successful SEO analysis Some tools allow you to optimize the SEO of your website. If you haven’t used them before, SEO analytics will allow you to adjust the situation. This software makes it possible to readjust the technical side, the content, the search for keywords, that of the subject which may interest Internet users, etc.

Among the powerful SEO tools, there are: Cocon se for the internal mesh; SEO Observe for the competition; Myposeo for position tracking; Google search console for loading speed and other technical aspects; Copyscape Kyrgyzstan Email List for plagiarism; Majestic SEO for the backlink; Google Analytics for data analysis (performance of content, your marketing actions, etc.).. Indeed, a too slow site and poorly optimized photos can greatly affect the SEO of your WordPress. Thanks to Insight, you will be able to improve every element and enjoy a fluid and pleasant site to visit. Improving the SEO of your WordPress will take a bit of work and knowledge. Whether you are starting on the platform, or want to optimize an existing site, it will take some time to do this.

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The conduct of an SEO audit

To save time and be sure to have a truly referenced WordPress, call an expert . Web marketing agencies will help you improve your site on a daily basis. Complementary to Analytics and Adsense, GSC is part of the suite of software that will absolutely have to be installed to optimize your site. What to remember from GSC In conclusion, GSC is a tool that cannot be ignored by website owners. Indeed, a real analytical asset, you will find many services to improve your internet space. By compiling all the data, it will be possible to secure your referencing in the long term. Thus, the GSC also helps you place yourself at the top of Google searches. Need more information about the GSC? Contact us!To improve this strategy, SE ranking has developed a complete and easy-to-use system for you.

Do not hesitate to consult this solution now!It is a solution for people who are aware of the fact that loading a page for too long can have a negative impact on their business. With a plugin like WP Rocket, you will: speed up the loading time of your pages; optimize the performance of your site; boost the response speed of each page; reduce the number of files that can slow down the loading of your URLs. What’s more, the strength of WP Rocket lies in its ease of use.

Actions to take in the SEO analysis

You install it, you activate it and voila! Where to get it? Although it is considered one of the best WordPress plugins, WP Rocket is not downloadable from the WP interface. You need to go to the official website web page (Wp-rocket.me) to get the extension. WP Rocket pricing For those who are wondering how to optimize their website, WP Rocket is an efficient and relatively affordable optimization plugin. There are 3 offers for the optimization tool: Single (1 site 1 year of use): $ 49 Plus (3 sites 1 year of use): $ 99 Infinite (number of infinite sites 1 year of use): $ 249 WP Rocket is the go-to caching plugin for WordPress because it boosts site performance.

If you too want to improve your display performance, this is the tool for you. However, performance is not everything! A performing site that is poorly optimized for natural referencing will see its chances of converting the lead drop considerably. Our web agency is at your disposal to support you and help you optimize your digital showcase . Want to know more ? Contact us !

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