Reach 1 million subscribers receive youtube gold plaques 6 diamond level channels that reach 10 million subscribers receive youtube diamond plaques so . Se three main youtube boards have . Best benefits such as partner manager youtube content creators who come here have . Support of a platform partner manager and it is possible to talk about .

Following benefits access to production content producers who meet . Bronze plate can use youtube space’s professional studios and equipment to record videos it is worth remembering that for this . Channel must follow some requirements such as have no pending strikes for violation of rights or community guidelines have at least 10000 subscribers having gone through . First steps of space be over 18 years of age or accompanied by a guardian not be a branded channel in addition youtubers will be able to participate in happy hours workshops debates among many events .

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Silver gold and diamond levels – levels that have much more benefits 4 silver level channels that reach 100000 subscribers receive youtube silver plaques 5 gold level channels that. Will also be able to use . Editing Engineering Directors Email Lists machines post-production rooms and production studios for a few days a month for . Biggest and most influential content producers who have more than 100000 subscribers youtube reserves .

Engineering Directors Email Lists

Channel’s personal goals clarify doubts and optimization strategies for . Channel’s growth advanced access to youtube space on top of that content creators who have worked . Ir way up here have more advanced access to youtube space which provides totally exclusive benefits to producers with more than 100000 subscribers among . Se benefits are participation and organization of special meetings with fans and exclusive youtube events for youtubers 7 ruby level .

Develop Your Business And If Minisite

Bonus finally . Ruby level was . Plaque recently created by . Youtube platform especially to celebrate . Milestone of 50 million subscribers to one of . Biggest channels in . World pewdiepie . Greatest youtuber of all time . Ruby sign is one of . Prettiest youtube signs and it was customized with mini bro fists . Channel’s logo in addition those who reach this level are entitled to all .

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