The Nike ID program was renamed Nike by You in 2018 to highlight the brand’s collaborative approach to design and create a platform where Millennials and Gen Zers can express their individuality and their sense of style. Kenzo uses Kenya Phone Number List customization and 3D visualization to better present its product and the concept of co-creation to customers. To learn more about our client projects, click here . At Hapticmedia, we understand that 3D personalization plays an important role in the sneaker culture’s marketing strategy. Our project with Kenzo is able to offer an immersive experience where consumers can personalize and interact with the product.

Sneakers Marketing 03: The Virtual Trial The technology virtue fitting the enabling customers to try products using their devices with a camera, such as mobile phones. With the help of augmented reality, users can contextually visualize the item of interest to them, interact and confirm the style, size and fit before making a purchase. In 2020, during the first summer of COVID-19, as consumers used online shopping to deal with anxiety caused by the pandemic, Farfetch was the first luxury e-commerce platform to launch a try-on feature. virtual , available on the brand’s iOS application. This gave consumers a new shopping experience, where they could actually see how different Off-White sneakers fit them. It has increased conversions and reduced returns.

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Research Confirms This Impression: E-marketer Predicts That By 2023,

This makes shopping more fun and engaging as it allows app users to discover and play with the products, as well as generate content for their social networks. The launch was such a success that media channels around the world first mentioned, praising Farfetch for its innovative spirit. Sneaker Marketing 04: Esports Marketing and Virtual Products Sneakers are popular not only in real life but also in digital environments, where gaming and esports flourish. That’s why luxury brands are now using esports marketing to reach out to new audiences, especially those who don’t necessarily have the purchasing power to buy the company’s real products.

For example, Gucci recently released a pair of $ 12 digital sneakers , available for purchase on the app. Marketing of sneakers 05: NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are emerging. An interesting way to market sneakers is to use NFTs . For example, design studio Rtfkt and teenage digital artist Fewocious released an Air Force One-inspired sneaker design that included scribbles all over the surface. These sneakers sell for $ 3,000, $ 5,000 and $ 10,000 a pair, which is more expensive than physical sneakers. Despite the staggering price tag, 621 pairs were sold for a total of $ 3.1 million.

E-commerce Sales Are Expected To Account For 63% Of Total Sales , Above The $ 4 Billion Threshold.

Contact us: personalization, visualization, virtual trial Hapticmedia has over 15 years of expertise in immersive technologies including 3D visualization, customization and configuration, engraving, augmented reality, virtual testing, and is supported and covered by LVMH, Forbes, Les Echos, Le Point, BFMTV. Consult our client projects here with Gerlain, Kenzo, Baume & Mercier , Baccarat, Edenly or contact us now to see the concrete improvement we will bring to you. Put the future of physical commerce aside for a moment. Long before the onset of the pandemic, online retail penetration was already quite high.

Driven by huge investments in digital tools and apps that minimize the need to interact with advisors or try out every product, it was clearly a growing trend. Virtual try-on and 3D setup technology , for example, allow buyers to co-create a personalized item and see what it will actually look like without the risk of disappointment. This simplified decision-making encourages customers to shop when they want, from where they want. A simplified 3D visualization demo designed by luxury brand Lolo Chateney and tech startup Hapticmedia .

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