Even though it was born in the 1950s, it is today that artificial intelligence is experiencing its most important development on the web and enters the daily life of companies, but also of individuals in order to support the actions of humans. The virtual agent or chatbot A big favorite among the AI ​​technologies available in the current market, the virtual agent or chatbot is making the headlines. He gets talked about as soon as he appears in stores as well as on a new website. With their advanced system, chatbots today are no longer content to answer questions that they have previously assimilated. They have the ability to have a direct and spontaneous conversation with a human .

The virtual agent is then increasingly used for all customer services and is increasingly an integral part of a digital marketing strategy for  South Sudan Email List brands. Text generation Another well-known artificial intelligence tool is the one that generates texts from computer data , which is used to produce business intelligence summaries and is also used by many customer services. The new generation of this AI tool goes further, in particular by writing press articles, but also now encyclopedic pages whose language test results are increasingly satisfactory. In terms of text generation, the main new goal for AI is to produce content based on the browsing characteristics of a user , which among other things greatly shakes things up in the SEO field .

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Biometric and voice recognition

Currently used to make mobile applications, interactive systems of recognition, voice search and touch more efficient, but also to facilitate market research, the voice recognition or biometric allows direct and instinctive interaction between machine and human. More advanced in speech recognition, NLP (Automatic Natural Language Processing) allows him to process different aspects of human language by taking much more of its subtleties into account. Machine learning platforms Used to predict, prevent and influence events in order to be able to optimize a strategy in a timely manner, machine learning platforms are increasingly used by companies.

By taking into account tons of data, this AI tool perceives and understands a level almost equivalent to that of humans. An ascent of artificial intelligence on the web which is not about to stop, especially in France where the web giants, Google, Facebook, but also Samsung and Fujitsu have announced their investment in research for AI and in the training of several thousand people in these new tools.First, the domain becomes, in fact, the name that identifies you on the web (which is why you must use that of your brand): if Chanel presented its products on a site called. no one would understand nothing .

The best AI technologies on the web

Then, it is a precious navigation aid for Internet users , who can easily access a page (for example by copying / pasting a URL in their browser). The simpler the URL, the easier it is to use . For this reason, we frequently use short link generators to simplify things (URLs then appearing in the form “https://goo.gl/” for example). Finally, it is a valuable tool for SEO ! Why is it essential for natural referencing? To understand this, we have to come back to one of the basics of SEO .

Before a page can be referenced, search engine robots need to read it and therefore find it. For this purpose, they must first identify it … Thanks to the URL , precisely. The URL is what will allow robots to locate pages and crawl them to better index them. And since they don’t intend to do the job on their own (just as the letter carrier has no intention of looking for a recipient if he lacks specific information), they must be given the right route.

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