Considering your customer management also means improving the relationship with them. A pampered and fully satisfied customer will become a true ambassador for your company. You now know what digital transformation is and that it is not the simple fact of owning a website or having a facebook page. Digital transformation could be compared to a sum of transformation reviewing internal processes. The objective is for you to benefit from improved performance, management tools and of course the income that this generates. We must not forget that people are at the center of this transformation and taking them into account is essential for success.The big advantage with a website is the possibility of always being available to your Internet users. If the user wants to know more about you, they are free to browse your site at night at 11:30 p.m. if they wish.

Easy and unlimited dissemination of information No more wasted paper with often expensive prints! With the internet , the possibilities are more attractive with regard to the promotion of your campaigns and communication. With additional tools to a website, everything is Mexico Phone Number List simplified and done in a few clicks. If you want to integrate new information for your customers, you can do so in the format you want (pdf, video , jpeg, png, etc.). Information dissemination A website is infinitely scalable because it has no physical limit. Be careful though to ensure that your website is optimized. To do this, there are tools like Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insights to measure the performance of your site, for example how quickly pages load, content.


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Although it is infinitely scalable, you should not clutter your site and lose efficiency. Moreover, if you have a showcase website and today you want to sell your products or services online, it is possible! You can embed an e-commerce store with your existing site. However, the choice of your CMS will be decisive for the realization of your web projects. Cover a growing clientele and gain credibility Your customers are there, there is no doubt about it! There are no longer any visible borders, your customers can be everywhere. You can take them further and gain additional market share. To obtain more consistent results, you will have to establish an adapted strategy by responding to the needs of your clients’ issues. With the internet , promoting your products and services is much easier because you can do it directly yourself without having to go through an agency.

People consume more and more on the internet, each year the figures of e-commerce grow phenomenally. the whole world consumes on the internet In 2019, according to Médiamétrie, 38.8 million French people buy on the internet, this figure represents 87.5% of French internet users. E-commerce records a global turnover of nearly 93 billion euros. As much to say to you that it is not about to stop there! Why do you have to intervene on the net? Well, it would be a shame to leave the field open to your competition. If one of your prospects browses the internet and comes across the site of one of your competitors, then you have lost a potential customer.

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Hence the need to not just have a website but to correlate it with a solid strategy to allow you to be correctly referenced and seen on the first page. A website optimized for SEO and of good quality will give your business credibility. For a client, the advantage is that they can easily find you on the internet, especially when you know that a lot of people do active research before committing. And for once, if he does not find you, for him you do not exist. Here is a simple example, Alex sought to create a website , he wants to hire people to do the job. Alex doesn’t know all the agencies in this industry so he’s doing some research.

In this case if you do not have a website, Alex will not find you and for him you do not exist (same if you have a site and are poorly referenced). Better understand your customer By describing what you are offering meticulously and precisely, the visitor will be more inclined to take the action you want without asking too many questions. Also, your website can allow you to support you and your teams at the same time. You can set up a frequently asked questions (FAQ) where you can answer the most commonly asked questions and thus avoid being questioned on minor subjects. better understand your customer Your website allows you to measure the results of your actions and organize them accordingly.

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