This allows them to decide which products are right for them before making a purchasing decision. The virtual reality application launched by the Volvo brand allows you to test driving a car on your mobile phone, offering the opportunity to understand how the car works in a highly immersive and innovative way. 3. Business benefits of virtual reality Virtual reality technology enables brands to deliver higher quality services and compelling, interactive solutions to their customers. It is the perfect tool for communicating ideas remotely, especially for the e-commerce sector. In addition, it gives customers the opportunity to better understand or even test the products without even touching them.

In this way, customers are offered an immersive shopping experience, where they can use simulation tools to get a feel for the product, get as UK WhatsApp Number List close as possible to it and create a personal bond with the brand. Conversational agents Conversational agents are another type of technology that has been proven to improve the customer journey. Unlike the two technologies mentioned earlier, chatbots are a great tool that lets customers know the details of their purchases, such as order status, delivery progress, product support, and a few other details. regarding their shopping experience .

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Thanks to chatbots, customers interact with the system rather than with human beings and receive messages generated by artificial intelligence (AI). The use of chatbots provides an interactive customer experience. Source: Sephora chatbot Conversational agents to reduce operating costs Today, many businesses, including airlines and fast food chains, are using chatbots to lower their operating costs rather than employing a traditional support team of employees.

Some of these companies include world famous brands like Air Asia, KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Sephora, Spotify, Staples and even the Wall Street Journal! In addition, according to the business specialist website Entrepreneur India, one of the obvious advantages that chatbots could offer to businesses is lowering their running costs by 60-70% (Vaish, 2019), thus avoiding go through training agencies and human labor, which could cost more than this figure. In addition, the deployment of conversational agents in companies could save them $ 8 billion over the next 5 years, which is a huge number for them.

Conversational agent marketing is useful for efficient, modernized and engaging customer service To be precise, customers might get an immediate response from chatbots because they are designed and invented to process data and respond to messages in real time. This eliminates the need for customers to wait days for responses to their inquiries when they have a problem with their purchases or payments. This technology is typically used by online sellers or companies and makes it easier for customers to experience while potentially saving them time while shopping.

Conclusion When we get back to basics, these technologies offer a win-win situation that benefits businesses and customers alike while providing a smooth customer journey. The most pronounced and common benefit that companies gain from using these technologies in their business is increased sales . Those who have not yet taken a look at the technologies discussed here could learn from companies that are showing success with them.Prioritization: the agile method gives different levels of priority to the objectives in order to finalize the most important ones upstream.

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