In the XX th century, it did not take advertising seriously. It was only from 1960, when the industry began to transform, that marketing began to appear and advertising naturally took its place. coca cola logo Indeed, advertising is omnipresent in our modern society and in all its forms. Any company must have a communication budget to Armenia Email List make itself known and mark the minds of the public. Advertising is an essential sales weapon for the development of a business! fin-publicite-sur-france-televisions Advertising has the power of influence to generate purchasing power.

Thus, the communication must be of quality to attract the attention of the target audience and create needs.  Advertising is initially part of the culture of the western world and then spreads to the eastern world. This new advertising era is the result of the liberalization of the economy, free competition and technical progress: Almost general increase in purchasing power, Market expansion, Increased competition between producers and manufacturers. From then on, the company ceases to be a mere production device and becomes a process of consumer satisfaction. It is in this context that the power of advertising has taken on more and more importance, to become essential today.

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The role of advertising

Advertising aims for a threefold result: Promote a good, a product, a service, Promote its brand and image, Encourage the target audience to buy. For example, for the launch of a new product, advertising contributes half of the sales! clio pub Advertising is part of the mass communication system. In other words, the volume of information is measured by the massive expansion of the means of dissemination, which are numerous in our modern society. Likewise, NTIC ( New Information and Communication Technologies) bring together communication techniques related to: Computing, Audiovisual, The Internet, Multimedia, Telecommunications.

I like advertising advertising These NICTs allow users to communicate, massively publicize and produce in all forms to disseminate information: Document, texts, Image, video, Music, Interactive graphical interface. As a result, this communication strategy includes fundamental elements, such as the visual . The logo, for example, is the identity card of the brand. It associates the name of the company with its visual identity. And the visual identity must be perfectly realized so that the entity, the company and the message to be transmitted, are immediately identified by the consumer. The birth of games such as logo quiz confirms the importance of visuals for brand identification.

Advertising communication

Nike Just di it advertising Sources: Capital, Wikipedia In short : The advertising message is part of a communication strategy and helps to achieve a commercial objective. Advertising has the power of influence on consumers, it symbolizes the pillar of our consumer society. It must arouse in the recipient of the advertising message a new need by making him want it.According to Le Figaro, teleworking is gaining ground in French companies, even PÔLE EMPLOI is experimenting with teleworking for 255 of its agents. pole job logo Almost 17% of French people work remotely for their employer . A good half of them work in CAC 40 companies. Actions have been taken in the region to inform and train company managers. The objective is to reassure them about their management and control missions of their teams with all the changes implied by the organization of teleworking.

Frantz Gault, director of LBMG Worklabs , a telework support company, specifies in an interview Managers must accept a certain form of letting go and abandonment of management by the sole control of the length of presence. The interest aroused by work is made relevant, in the face of all the economic and social constraints (cost of transport congestion and work-life balance) . Teleworking has very real advantages! Companies making employees work remotely record up to 20% less absenteeism and achieve up to 30% savings on structural costs ! Employees are autonomous in their professional organization and gain in quality of life.

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