The tool checks that: the dynamic contents are displayed correctly according to the size of the window, the offline function is accessible, a personalized start screen is well configured to improve the user experience, a theme color is present Brunei Email List in the address bar of the browser, a service agent (script that allows access to information on the site even when offline) is well connected. 3 | Accessibility In terms of accessibility , Google Lighthouse does not disappoint. This is because the tool determines whether the site or the PWA can be used by a person with a disability. The tool will thus analyze in depth whether the important and essential elements for the good navigation of a disabled person are present.

It can be: correctly described buttons, well-detailed links, images, graphics and infographics with a voiceover to allow them to be fully understood. After analysis, the level of accessibility is scored: the higher the score, the better the accessibility. 4 | Best practices of excellence In this area, the tool also excels. Lighthouse analyzes aspects relating to site security. It examines whether the site: uses encryption and security technologies (HTTPS), secures the resources integrated into the site, uses well-secured and non-vulnerable JS libraries, provides good resolution images , avoids obsolete and too old APIs … There are other elements considered in these best practices: everything is indicated during the site analysis. 5 | SEO The quality of natural referencing (SEO) also goes through the mill. Lighthouse analyzes how well the site is taken into consideration by search engines (specifically, by Google).

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The performance of progressive web applications

It displays a score of 0 to 100 points: if the score is not equal to 100, the site editor must act on his domain to optimize his website as well as possible. The elements examined in this section concern: the presence of a title tag and a meta description , the presence of descriptive text on the links, the absence of blocked indexing, the validity of the robots.txt, the hreflang tag or the rel = canonical tag, the readability of the font sizes used … By knowing this performance, you can take action on your site and improve it before relaunching an analysis with Lighthouse. ANTHEDESIGN SITE LIGHTHOUSE REPORT Google’s tool provides a great deal of information, analysis, figures and issues raised. So take advantage of a better ranking on Google by following the axes of optimization. Some interesting advantages: ease of use.

The tool is simple, a plugin and a single click are enough to launch a web page analysis areas for improvement. It offers optimizations for any issue raised, reports even indicate specific pieces of code to modify constant updating is very much appreciated. The developers of the search engine are working on the tool and improving the version regularly. You don’t risk having wrong analyzes. As mentioned above, this tool was designed by Google: who better to help you respect this search engine’s own rules? To conclude on Google Lighthouse Web developers, SEOs and even website administrators can easily use Google Lighthouse. The tool allows you to collect: a wealth of information, reviews and analyzes relevant to its website, but also essential axes of optimization.

What are the advantages of using Lighthouse?

With this tool, you improve the loading speed of your site, accessibility, mobile compatibility or even the optimization of images and resources. It is an essential tool for web professionals who wish to comply with Google standards as well as possible.In 2011, 31 million online shoppers spent 37.7 billion euros on services and products on e-commerce sites. The Amazon , Private Sale and Ebay websites each attract over a million unique visitors per day! Did you know that 18% of cultural products are purchased on the Internet? The number of e-commerce sites rose from 35,500 in 2007 to 100,400 at the end of 2011, ie a constant increase of 23% per year. This trend will continue in the years to come for the following reasons: The number of households with home Internet access will continue to grow (76% of households equipped in France against 94% in the Netherlands).

Only 53% of French individuals are buyers on the Internet when the English are already 71% to have taken the plunge. The average number of transactions per buyer is also growing steadily, we went from 8.7 transactions per year in 2007 to 13.7 in 2011 for an average basket of 90 € uros. key figures for e-commerce between 2009 and 2011 For all these reasons, e-commerce offers good growth prospects for 2012 and the following years. For all those who have wanted to undertake for years, what are you waiting for to try the adventure of e-commerce ?! Ever more efficient infrastructures ( optical fibers, 4G, etc. ) are being deployed, they will make us consume more digital and in better conditions! What to envision a future where digital will be omnipresent,.

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