Optimization work requires continuous effort that goes beyond creating and publishing your content. Here again, Semrush gives you the means to optimize the old content of your site. Its On page SEO Checker module uses its analytical data and studies the SEO techniques of the top 10 results displayed in Google. He then suggests practical Chad Email List actions to take. Its recommendations are essential to optimize your content , your strategy as well as the user experience (UX) of your site. His optimization suggestions also relate to: technical irregularities (guidelines, originality, etc.) the SERP features backlinks  A backlink or inbound link is a hyperlink that redirects visitors from one site to another site.

So you can get more traffic to your site by getting backlinks from other websites. Search engines also consider these types of links to be validations. That is, Google takes into account the number of links that point to your website to judge the authority of your domain and its relevance to users. But more than the number, the quality of the sites that link to yours is an important signal for Google. You will therefore have a better chance of having better visibility compared to your competitors if you obtain a better backlink profile than them. However, you usually have to negotiate with other domain name owners to get backlinks. While this is normally a tedious job, everything becomes easier with Semrush. The functionalities of the Backlink Audit and Link Building Tool tools will make it easier for you to find usable sources .

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The plus of the link builder

Other features are grouped together in the Semrush Link Building module to make it easier for you: finding new backlink prospects with the Link Building Tool monitoring the evolution of backlinks creation of a removal list of identified harmful links the link between Semrush and your Google Search Console account To achieve this, you must first create a project and enter your domain name. You will also need to specify the keywords for which you want to have backlinks and your target country. Semrush then displays a list of interesting domains to have backlinks at the end of the search. You can then follow up on your actions and even add an inbox with which you will send messages to prospects. Finally, you can export a deletion disagreement document to ignore an unwanted backlink for your site.

SEO site audit With SEMrush, you also have the option of doing a full audit of your website or a competitor’s site. The goal is to analyze your site to spot technical issues that are affecting the health of your SEO . These are related errors: the internal mesh to “crawlability” at the page load speed with broken links … The scan points to all identified errors so that you can correct them. Semrush provides you with the information you need to optimize the technical SEO aspect of your website. The tool is also programmable to automatically perform regular audits . You will thus be able to follow the evolution of the technical aspect of your site and correct the problems as they arise. This feature is particularly useful in ensuring that you have a site that is constantly optimized for technical SEO.

The backlinks editor: Backlink Building

The regular SEO audit also makes it easier to manage errors when the site is managed by several people. Semrush and SEA paid referencing If you’ve tried online advertising and retargeting on Facebook or Google, you probably know how complicated it can be to optimize a Facebook Ads campaign or a Google Ads campaign. Here again, Semrush makes your life easier. First, the tool gives you an overview of the average cost per click (CPC) according to the selected region. It then offers indicators for the best cost and the regions where it would be interesting to target prospects according to your keywords. Therefore, all you need to do is reduce your costs to optimize your return on investment ( ROI ). Semrush also gives you the ability to plan effective campaigns and track their performance. You can even automate your campaigns for specific periods.

Position Tracking: position tracking The monitoring of the rank of your website is crucial to assess the effectiveness of your SEO activities . Semrush has understood that and offers you a 360 ° view with its position tracking module. The tool allows you to follow the evolution of your ranking in search engine results. All while taking into account the keywords targeted by your site. So you get regularly updated details about your site’s positions compared to those of your competitors. In general, your SEO strategy is effective if your site gains space after a while. Otherwise, it will have to be reworked. The Keyword Tracking tool helps you track: your traffic; the performance of your campaigns; your visibility for each project. Semrush and social networks Social networks are essential today to develop the business of a company on the internet.

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