The latter allows you to have an overview on the indexing of your site and how it is referenced. The new GSC also tells you about technical problems encountered by the Googlebot during: the indexing or crawling your website. It defines Portugal Email List the work of SEO improvement. In 2018, Google is renewing itself with an improved version of Search Console, which continues to improve. We explain to you what has changed and what it can bring you.  The GSC already made it possible to track website traffic generated by Google search results pages such as: find out the number of impressions, (i.e. the number of times a user has seen your site appear during their searches), but also the total number of clicks from a Google search.

NEW GOOGLE SEARC CONSOLE PERFORMANCE Google also automatically calculates your click-through rate and gives you the average position of your site on the results pages. Before, it was only possible to consult the last 3 months. Now the tool keeps all your data. This gives you an overview over 12 months or more. On the new Google Search console you also have access to a list of the keywords most typed by Google users, on which you are referenced. By clicking on a keyword, appears: your position, the traffic generated by the latter. It is a very useful tool to improve your SEO positioning . It is also possible to refine the results by country, by page and by device (smartphone, tablet, desktop).

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Traffic performance and keyword tracking

KEYWORDS IN GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE URL inspection The URL inspection tool provides a general view of the indexing of your site by google: By submitting the URL, it is possible to know if the page is known and indexed by Google; if the page has indeed been indexed , you will have in “Cover” an inventory of the pages of your site which have been crawled or not by the Google robot. You will also know why certain URLs could not be indexed (eg too long response time, “noindex” tag, etc.). If your site has not yet been detected and / or indexed: submit your sitemap to Google, in order to facilitate crawl (exploration); under “Mobile Ergonomics” , with the new GSC you will also know, from its URL, whether a web page is responsive. That is to say adapted to mobile screens.

By clicking on the tab of the same name in the left column, you will see any errors on your mobile version (text overlay, off-screen element, button too big …), in order to correct it. Google tells you the date of its last exploration on mobile and desktop. If you significantly modify a web page, it is possible to request a new indexing from Google. NEW GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE indexing Finally, before it is indexed, you can test your URL live. This way, you will know if it meets all of Google’s SEO criteria. Google’s indexing coverage In the “Cover” tab, you will notice the following in particular: valid pages, detected and indexed by Google; errors on your web pages that prevent indexing; pages that have been indexed, but found a problem.

Submit your Sitemaps to the new GSC

Google, on the other hand, does not know if this is a mistake or an intentional act; pages detected by Google, but not indexed, due to a tag, a redirection or a blockage by the robot txt file. This allows the correction of certain errors, such as a page which has not been indexed but which should be, or vice versa.  In the “Sitemaps” tab, you can upload your sitemaps (s) . A sitemap is a “map” of the different URLs that make up your site. This allows you to facilitate the work of the Googlebot by indicating to it: the path to follow, the pages to explore. You can also follow the progress of the treatment of your sitemap by Google, with the date of the last explorations.

The new Google Search Console and Netlinking Finally in the “Links” tab, you have the opportunity to monitor your internal mesh and the back links ( ” backlinks “) to your site: access to the list of pages linked to another page in your domain and the number of links to these pages. A view of the pages which are the subject of a link from another domain, as well as the number of these links; finally the new GSC shows you the anchor texts , that is to say the texts that include a link to a page on your site. This feature gives you in particular ways to work on your net linking strategy, such as knowing: if your internal mesh is sufficiently dense, or if you have enough backlinks.

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