An average reduction in cart abandons of 9.54% for Shopify stores who use it. So by not using Sumo, for every 100 people who abandon your cart, you could be missing out on 10 new customers. Here’s exactly what it looks like on BlendJet’s Shopify store, when someone tries to abandon the cart. Screenshot showing a sumo cart abandonment popup This success form is then shown so people can claim the discount offer straight away, without having to search for an email in their inbox. Screenshot showing a

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Success page for a popup The result has been $276,912 in new revenue for BlendJet. Screenshot showing success stats for Sumo cart abandonment popup Portugal Phone Number  On average, every time someone abandons their cart, BlendJet makes $6.57. This Shopify cart Portugal Phone Number abandonment research study on 10 different. Shopify stores proved that these results are standard for any Shopify stores who install the Sumo Reduce Cart Abandonment Shortcut. All stores using it have made between $7,000 to $311,000 in sales.

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Proof builds social proof by letting visitors know about recent purchases made by others and the total number of visitors on any given page. Click here to install Proof. Social proof is important. It gives people FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and proves that your products are worth buying. That’s where Proof comes in. Proof is a plugin that allows you to display a notification to shoppers on your site that others have purchased products. Screenshot showing a “new sale” popup You could also set it up to display the

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