The digital transformation of companies has received much attention in recent years. However, only 59% of business leaders see this digital transformation as a priority (Harris Interactive Research, 2015). But let’s be clear, the digitization of a company or a third-party organization is today a must . The time is no longer for questions, we must take the plunge. In this article, we will see what are the major challenges of digitalization for companies. Summary  From the point of view of the company: From the customer point of view: How to digitize your business? Digitization instruments at SQUIRREL Application job M-commerce application Digitization is a long process of transformation to which companies turn to face the competition and stay competitive .

It should be understood that this digitization affects companies at all levels, whether at organizational, decision-making or commercial Germany Phone Number List levels. It is therefore an essential tool in the internal and external life of a company and these advantages are determined according to two points of view. From the point of view of the company: The notion of distance no longer exists and exchanges between employees are encouraged through many digital tools. Collaborations are facilitated with shareable and modifiable content in real time. Automating certain tasks and creating optimized tools helps improve the process by saving a lot of time. Increase in profitability through optimization of expenses.

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The Benefits Of Digitization

Improving the working conditions of all employees business perspective From the customer point of view: The establishment of better communication, with information that will reach as many people as possible Personalized marketing management with the possibility of proposing personalized offers according to needs Automation of sales forces A change in the purchasing process Increased customer satisfaction, who can get prompt assistance How to digitize your business? A digital transition is a real challenge, which is why we provide you with 5 steps to make your transition a success: Evaluate your current digital level: Evaluate all the tools available to your organization to see if they are really effective. Surround yourself with the best team: A digital transformation cannot be done without the intervention of competent people.

You need to choose the best team for your digitalization. Establish a strategy: Here, it is a question of determining what remains to be done for the digitalization of your company and in which order you are going to proceed and finally to determine the objectives you want to achieve. Think about customer use: It will be necessary to relate your objectives and the habits of your customers in order to offer them the best possible services. Involve your employees: For a digital transformation to be successful, it must involve all employees, so they will be able to assimilate all the behaviors to adopt when using the new tools put in place. Digitization instruments at SQUIRREL The website is often the first window of a company, therefore, it is the most used tool by the latter.

How To Digitize Your Business?

However, we often underestimate the use of mobile applications and their great potential in a digitalization process. Indeed, everyone is permanently on their mobile, so it is not a tool to be neglected. There are a variety of applications and those for all areas and for all needs. Today, SQUIRREL, presents you some applications that could differentiate you from the competition and increase your profitability. Application job Intended for internal use (Business To Employee), this type of application is a daily tool that enables internal communication, information dissemination and data collection to be managed more effectively. Air Austral application The SQUIRREL team created a business application for Air Austral, an airline from Réunion, which encountered difficulties in managing their database.

With our services, they now have their own management tool which processes, archives, and exploits the results of their flight attendants quickly and without error. M-commerce application A part of e-commerce, M-commerce represents all commercial transactions carried out through a smartphone. According to FEVAD, in 2017, ¼ of French Internet users buy through a smartphone, thus m-commerce would have progressed by 38% in 2017. We can therefore say that the mobile plays a primordial role in the process of ‘purchase. It is therefore important for companies to position themselves on this market share. mobile commerce SQUIRREL has also developed Mister Menuiserie. It is an m-commerce application that allows the user to track their orders, find nearby stores, and view tutorials. This mobile application represents a new means of communication for companies with their customers.

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