To know the positioning of a site on localized search expressions, it is then necessary to look towards positioning analysis tools such as Yooda SEEURANK or use the manual method. The SEO traffic estimate remains an estimate based on your position in Google. How much does YOODA INSIGHT cost? The rates charged by Yooda are Vatican City Email List very competitive in a market where the leader SEMrush offers subscriptions starting at $ 99.95 / month. Yooda INSIGHT price: 39 € HT / month without commitment! pricesYOODA INSIGHT prices – April 2017 Competetion SEO tools for professionals are numerous and for the most part in English, some with an interface translated into French.

Google Adwords Keyword Planner : free and in French, rather slow and SEA-oriented, Secockpit : interesting Swiss tool relatively slow and less complete than the Yooda suite, SEMrush : the international reference with a lot of features, use to be reserved if you reference an English language site. SE Ranking : interesting tool focused on both SEO and marketing. Conclusion We took the time to test almost all of them before choosing YOODA, INSIGHT and SEEURANK products for the following reasons: Yooda’s SEO solutions are 100% French and the after-sales service is responsive, The YOODA INSIGHT database is more complete than that of SEMrush on French search expressions. In a future article, Yooda SeeUrank in its CLOUD version will suffer the same fate as INSIGHT.

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The secret of success lies on the long tail side

seeurank seo performance Tracking the indexing of your pages on search engines The SeeUrank indexing module allows you to follow the evolution of the indexing of the different pages of your website on Google, Yahoo / Bing and Ask. With the SeeUrank indexation module, you can: Control the indexing of the pages of your site, Analyze the number of pages present and absent on the various search engines, Follow the evolution of the number of pages indexed on search engines, Monitor the indexing of new pages and the deindexing of redirected pages ( 301 redirection ) , Track the indexing of your pages following a website redesign , Identify indexing problems on your site, Export the results in .CSV format. seeurank indexing Other features of Yooda SeeUrank SeeUrank allows you to automate your SEO reports by scheduling the execution of the various audits at the desired frequency.

It is also possible to schedule the transmission of SEO reports by email or FTP. With SeeUrank Cloud, it is even possible to share with your customers a link to a personalized dashboard accessible online. SeeUrank CloudSeeUrank Cloud dashboard How much does Yooda Seeurank cost? SeeUrank SEO software is available in 4 versions:SeeUrank Tariffs Offers E-commerce: € 39 / month or € 390 / year, Agency: 69 € HT / month or 690 € HT / year, Serenity: 89 € HT / month or 890 € HT / year, Cloud: € 199 / month or € 1,990 / year. Best of all, you can test SeeUrank for free for 15 days by visiting the YOODA website! Conclusion Yooda SeeUrank is a powerful SEO software with all the necessary tools to improve the natural referencing of a website.

It is THE essential SEO technique for years to come!

Internet users are living with the times and favor fresh content. Whether they’re looking for a high-tech product or a restaurant menu, they don’t want to stumble upon information dating back to Methuselah. So, at work: regularly publish original content related to current events and / or web trends (to optimize the natural referencing of your pages) , offer added value to your readers. And be the first to react to major changes affecting your field of activity, in order to always reaffirm your expertise. Do you have hundreds of old items? They are not lost: update them to give them a boost! 2. Write at length to make it clear “People don’t read too long content”, “no need to write a novel”… It’s a fact: on the web, anything that exceeds a few hundred words too often looks like heresy. In reality, it is the opposite.

Not only do digital readers like long content, but Google does too. Indeed: length is often synonymous with relevance, and in the eyes of the search engine, relevance is the Holy Grail. A subject treated in depth will therefore attract readers and help boost your SEO ! Proof of this is: on Buzzsumo, the most extensive content (3,000 words and more) is also the one that most engages the audience on social networks. long content graphic seo tipsLong content graph – SEO tips 2 – Source Buzzsumo 3.Focus your natural referencing on the long tail No, the long train has nothing to do with wedding dresses. This is the name given, in SEO jargon, to keywords made up of 4/5 terms or more. Still too many natural referencing specialists are bent on working with generic keywords, certainly very popular but also highly competitive, which give little or no results.

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