Natural referencing is an essential web marketing lever that has proven itself for years. SEO analysis on a regular basis allows your site to gain positions and maintain them over the long term.  The SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a busy Kuwait Email List marketing lever in creating websites and blogs. This discipline allows you to improve the visibility of your website so that it can appear in the first Google search results. Optimizing your website means making it gain positions and maximizing its traffic. The number of clicks guarantees the life of your site, even the sustainability of your activities if it generates a significant sales rate.

Among the advantages of SEO are: Communication: easily informs your customers; the cost: free; accessibility: adapted to mobile devices; availability: operates 7 days a week, 24 hours a day; reliability: improves site credibility/influences purchasing decisions; longevity: increases the number of customers and prospects over the long term; notoriety: enhances your brand and its activities. SEO analyzes The referencing of your site represents a journey and not a step to be taken. The SEO phase refers to the work done to promote your website. The positioning phase is the implementation of actions allowing your site to appear in the first pages of Google search results. The visibility of the site will depend on its SEO performance.

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SEO in a few lines

The audit constitutes the analysis carried out to know the effectiveness of your website in terms of natural referencing. It is important to know where the positioning of your site is on Google in order to make it sustainable. We recommend that you analyze your site’s SEO at least once a year. The frequency of study will depend on the needs. You may want to conduct a further audit if you find that your site is on the verge of losing its positions on Google search results. Companies working in digital are continually declaring war on each other in order to integrate at least the first three places, also called the “golden triangle”. Points to review A SEO analysis allows you to know the current situation of your site, or its positioning.

It is important to know what is happening at time T before proceeding with any readjustments. The analysis of keywords, for example, allows you to determine the position of the site vis-à-vis the requests of Internet users. The aim is that it meets the needs of visitors. An SEO audit is also a great way to know your competitors, more specifically their key factors for SEO success. The analysis can be based on their usual netlinking and keywords. You will also see the ergonomics of their sites. An in-depth analysis, especially at the technical level, can detect the elements that block the use of your site and that push Internet users to give up reading its content. Mobile optimization, code errors or even page download time are among the elements to take into account.

Some good reasons to analyze the SEO of your site

The more the traffic drops, the more your site will lose its position. Website SEO pre-audit The quality of the content is essential. The text, titles and captions, links as well as photos and videos must enhance the information to be transmitted. Apart from a certain consistency, the elements constituting your web page must serve as support. A simple well-organized filling is not enough to optimize your site. Actions to take in the SEO analysis SEO improvement begins with a thorough analysis and then the implementation of an action plan. Nothing should be done at random. An SEO audit specialist can help you get your website back on track if it is poor or traffic drops. He has the skills to guide you through the steps to be taken to successfully optimize your website. The conduct of an SEO audit An SEO analysis begins with checks.

Besides checking the visibility of the site, you can check the keywords, each URL, the meta description, the Title, the H1 title and the subtitles (H2, H3,…). The bounce rate is also an element that should not be ruled out. It informs Google about the dissatisfaction of Internet users. If so, consider reworking the links and images on the page. Some broken links impact the SEO of your website. Internal links should also be checked. Internal linking improves your SEO by linking your articles together. Regarding the technical aspects, tell yourself that an Internet user will not necessarily have the ability to solve them from his computer, tablet or smartphone.

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