You must not have missed it, but the recent health crisis has profoundly changed the behavior of companies in the marketplace, as well as the way they interact with their customers, partners and employees. The importance of digital has never been more evident than during this period. However, this crisis has above all highly get the delay accumulated by many companies in their digital transition. Indeed, the latter have not been Obstacles  Canada Phone Number List DatabaseTo Your Digital Transformationable to anticipate the importance of digitalization for their organization in our current environment , but let’s be clear, it is at the heart of their survival. But no worries, there is still time for companies to rethink their strategy by putting digitization at the center.

The purpose of this article is precisely to enlighten you on the path of your digital transition, in order to allow you to fully enter the digital age. The implementation of a digital strategy is often poorly understood by companies. Summary  The French delay  Inadequate organization: Lack of management involvement: Low financial capacity: Cultural brake: A distorted report to digital: Lack of competence: It’s time to make your digital transformation a success Accept your weaknesses Define a clear vision for your transition Apply a clear strategy and method Train your teams Seize the opportunity of your digitalization with SQUIRREL  In the current market, we see that 76% of companies have a website and that 74% of them have a presence on social networks.


The Importance Of Digital: The Numbers Prove It

However, only 11% of these companies use digital tools on a daily basis. The French delay the delay of the French In 2019, France is in 15th position out of the 28 member states of the European Union in terms of digital advancement. Our French companies are very late in the field of digitization, while the latter represents an important lever in the economy. Indeed, many consider that being present online is enough for digitalization. But few imagine the possibilities of growth and the levers of development for their business, of adopting a real digital strategy. Two important factors can explain the reasons for this delay among French companies: Lack of awareness of the benefits of digital: Companies are still not aware of the variety of digital tools available and the potential that their adoption represents in an activity.

Lack of visibility: Companies do not understand the cost / benefit ratio generated by the implementation of a digital strategy.This delay is not trivial and comes from many factors that are holding you back in your transition. It is therefore important to know how to identify them, to overcome them and fully enter the digital world. digital agency mobile development ios android Here is a non-exhaustive list of the reasons that are holding you back in your digital transformation. Inadequate organization: The organizational rigidities of traditional companies very often hamper the need for change within an organization. Indeed, its structure in silos and its strong hierarchy prevent a reorganization and slows down the sharing of information.

Obstacles To Your Digital Transformation

Thus, the company will lack versatility and agility in a change process. Consequently, it will have great difficulty in organizing itself around the customer experience, which is a major weakness in the implementation of a digital strategy. Lack of management involvement: Executives play an essential role in the transformation of his company, but their lack of involvement is obvious. Most of the time, they do not understand the importance of this transformation and on the contrary see it as a threat . However, it is up to them to realize the opportunity hidden behind the digital transformation, in order to best support its employees in this transition. Low financial capacity: The financial capacity of a company is one of the main obstacles to digital transformation .

For example, 50% of companies say that development costs are one of the main obstacles to the creation of a website. However, it is important for companies to realize that the return on investment in terms of value and timing is enormous when implementing a digital strategy. It is therefore essential to invest gradually in this transition. Cultural brake: In our organizations, transformation is hampered by a phenomenon of resistance to change on the part of employees. This type of transformation is often seen as a threat and too much work. The traditional mistrust of change is a real brake among the French. In addition, our individualistic organizations, where internal competition is very present, promote information retention and power games, which ultimately blocks change and development within an organization.

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