How is the Go Pro so popular and why is it such a phenomenon on YouTube?  The GoPro is a small camera launched in 2005, it was born from the imagination of a young American surfer named Nick Woodman. This camera has shock  Afghanistan Email List protection making it 100% waterproof . Once the prototype is created, Nick Woodman shows it to his surfing friends who were all won over. Woodman Labs is born and this little sports camera makes the founder a billionaire. This camera fits in your pocket and allows you to shoot full HD images for a sale price of between € 300 and € 400.

It has accessories allowing it to be attached to a bicycle, a helmet, a surfboard… According to figures communicated by the Woodman company, 3 million GoPro cameras have been sold since 2009 . It is the fruit of exponential growth, the company has tripled its turnover every year since 2010! GoPro What is storytelling? Small definition from Wikipedia to start: Storytelling consists of trying to bring out within organizations or the public, one or more story (s) with a strong power of seduction and conviction. These stories can be reduced to anecdotes or extended to whole speeches. They serve as vectors to get transmitted messages across more effectively: “to speak to the head, you often have to touch the heart first” .


The origin of the GoPro

After reading this definition, you will understand the relationship between. The GoPro user takes the stage and becomes the actor of a moving experience that he can also share via YouTube for example! gopro The GoPro finds its audience among extreme sports enthusiasts who finally have the opportunity to film themselves and widely disseminate their exploits on social networks , especially on YouTube. The GoPro and You Tube At the start of the adventure, ‘GoPro’ mainly affected enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Then over time, the GoPro democratizes and concerns a wider audience.

From 2005, YouTube, Google’s platform, made it possible to put the content of videos online easily and free of charge, which accentuated the success of the GoPro: hundreds of thousands of GoPro videos were listed there! GoPro Sudio has export presets specific to YouTube, which greatly simplifies the process. The benefit for users of posting the video to YouTube is to have a high number of views by uploading and sharing the videos. GoPro In conclusion, we can say that the GoPro is a worldwide success! This phenomenon is not about to stop!

GoPro and storytelling!

These small cameras allow you to broadcast original videos showing the thrills live for a sometimes moving result!European ecommerce is growing faster than in the United States even if the overall volume of online sales remains lower.  The weight of the American market remains the highest to date with 196 billion sales in the United States in 2013, against 132 billion for Europe. Christmas e commerce The global e-commerce market is doing well and continues to grow.

In France, the market is pulled up during this Christmas period, thanks to online and mobile sales, despite the fact that France is struggling to regain its growth,. Christmas is the flagship period for e – commerce and e – business is getting ready: Logistics, site ergonomics , advertising campaigns , activities for commercial sites. E-commerce still has a bright future ahead of it and according to a study by analysis firm Xerfi Precepta, online sales should grow in France by almost 60% between 2014 and 2020, to “come close” to 90 billion dollars. ‘euros.

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