Graph showing mean publishing interval This bar graph shows the mean publishing interval in days. That is, it shows how long the companies in each revenue category generally go between publishing a new article. So, the shorter the bar, the more often the group published. We found the publishing interval to be shortest in the highest revenue category. On average, $1 million companies publish every 18 days, whereas businesses making less than <$100K publish every 24 days.

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This makes sense because the more content you publish, the more search terms you have the opportunity to rank for. And the more your authority on a topic builds. For Dominican Republic Phone Number example, Perfect Keto publishes 5-6 times per week, and they rank for 50.3K keywords. Dominican Republic Phone Number according to Ahrefs: Screenshot showing Ahrefs stats for a website. Whereas this company (in the $10-100K revenue category) publishes on average less than one article per week and only ranks for 2.7K organic keywords.

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Screenshot showing Ahrefs results for a website The interesting part. The anonymous company above has been around for longer than Perfect Keto (by a couple of years). This isn’t a debate about whether quantity is better than quality. They’re not mutually exclusive. If you have the budget for content marketing, you can (and should) publish great content, more frequently. Key takeaway: The highest revenue-generating companies publish more often; every 18 days compared to 24 days.

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