And uses the “limited time only” scarcity phrase to drive action from shoppers who don’t want to miss out on the offer. If your store regularly offers free shipping, email is Cambodia Phone Number a great way to drive awareness of this. And if you don’t, a free shipping offer could be an awesome tactic to drive sales over a limited time. GRAZE’S SEASONAL OFFER EMAIL Sales and offers tied to events and seasons can be a great way to increase your sales throughout the year. This is something Graze does wonderfully with their ‘buy

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one get one free’ offer for the festive season. Screenshot showing an email by grazeshop. This email works well because everything is consistent and tied in with the Cambodia Phone Number festive season. From the types of snacks photographed to the festive accessories in the background of each image (snowmen, oven gloves, candles.) Graze took advantage of one of our top email subject line tips by. Marketing Cambodia Phone Number to your mailing list is is more than building a list filled with targeted prospects. If your list does not feel compelled to open the email and read

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Including emojis in the subject line. Cambodia Phone Number Research has found that 56% of brands using emojis in their email subject lines saw a higher open rate on their emails. SPIRITHOODS CUSTOMER RE-ENGAGEMENT OFFER EMAIL SpiritHoods. Sells Faux Fur (100% Cambodia Phone Number Fake Fur) products, and by using re-engagement emails, it was able to recover 16% of inactive Cambodia Phone Number customers. Here’s an example email. Screenshot showing an email by spirithoods SpiritHoods sends these emails as soon as a customer is deemed to be inactive.

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