History class and return to our modern times. morty The merchant has always asked himself these same questions, where is my customer? Where will I reach my target? It is also in the same way that he decides to find a commercial space and that he often invests large sums in it. So what is the consumer like today? What is he looking for? What does he want? Where is he ? Since the birth of the Internet, consumers now have access to a huge database for information, and they do not deprive themselves of it. He started by going on the internet, especially to compare, get information and then finish his buying cycle in the store of his choice.

So “physical” traders understood the mutation. As much as some time ago, customers compared on the net to then come to finish their Cameroon Phone Number List purchase in the stores, as much today the customer comes to see the product in store and buys on the net. In France, 71% of the retail shopping journey begins with a search from a smartphone (source ThinkwithGoogle). Little by little, the consumer has acquired the habit of publishing opinions on his feelings about the businesses he visits, uses the GPS to go to the shops he has spotted, contacts the after-sales service through chats Facebook which itself responds thanks to intelligent robots called “chatbots”.

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As much to say that it is better to satisfy its customers, and the signs do not lack imagination to satisfy them always better. Shops have evolved towards a “Customer Centric” approach, which means placing customer needs and satisfaction at the heart of the business. And it pays! 60% of customer-centric businesses are more profitable than those that aren’t, according to a Deloitte & Touche study. But then, you will say to me, what interest for a trader to have a mobile application, in particular where we are, in Reunion? To answer this, let’s look at the use of the internet and more specifically in Reunion. We can already note that it’s official: NO! there is hardly any difference in internet use between mainland France and Réunion.

Thus, the utilization rate of Reunion Islanders peaks at 85.6% (digital barometer 2017). But that’s not all ! Reunion residents prefer to connect to the Internet with their smartphone . The arrival of 4G last December certainly had an influence on these data. 53.8% of Reunion Islanders connect to smartphones compared to 48% to computers (mediametry) Every day, thousands of packages pass through Gillot Airport, coming from Wish, Asos, Showroomprivé, La Redoute…. Why ? Because the inhabitants of Reunion like to consume on the Internet, and in particular through mobile applications, but do not find a satisfactory offer on our territory.

The Smartphone Is Now The Central Tool For Customer Relations And Loyalty For Merchants.

. Yet at Squirrel we know the local fabric. Many local businesses are just waiting to change in order to explode, and this particularly involves mobile applications. Focused on customer needs, through personalized offers, push notifications. The people of Reunion like to navigate on mobile applications developed ergonomically, easy and pleasant to use. Thus, in their day, they can have fun, wherever they are, anytime. Let’s also break the taboos, no mobile applications are not overpriced, for that, read our article on this subject: How much does the development of a mobile application cost in Reunion? But in what way is the development of a mobile application a lever for growth? This article will enlighten you: Top reasons to develop a mobile application for your business in Réunion How have we also seen the change in purchasing habits?

In the change of consumption habits of customers who have gradually deserted the city centers. Since 2010, explains the Institute for Towns and Commerce, the number of empty stores has increased by one point per year in 190 towns with more than 25,000 inhabitants. Commercial vacancy rates have doubled there. The phenomenon is accelerating and is “more and more visible”. So certainly, there have been many shopping centers that have flourished here and there. Clearly proving the customer’s willingness to seek ease. He wants everything gathered in one place, the snapshot. Likewise, e-commerce is literally exploding (see graph).

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